College of Sciences, Northeastern University invites foreign and domestic outstanding talents!

Northeastern University
Shenyang, Liaoning (CN)
Competitive salary, research start-up fund and house purchase subsidy
July 20 2020
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Full Time
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College of Sciences, Northeastern University invites foreign and domestic outstanding talents!

Northeastern University, located in Shenyang, the central city of the Northeastern China, is a national key university directly under the administration of Ministry of Education.It is the first-batch key university built by Project 211 and Project 985. In 2017, it ascended into first-class universities.

There are four basic academic organizations in the College of Sciences, Northeastern University, namely, the Department of Mathematics, the Department of Physics, the Department of Chemistry and the Department of Mechanics. The Department of Mathematics has the first-class disciplinary Master's Degree Program in mathematics and the Master's Degree Program in Applied Statistics Major, and Applied Mathematics is the key discipline in Liaoning Province. The Department of Physics has the first-class disciplinary Master's Degree Program, the Doctor's Degree Program and the Post-doctoral Mobile Research Station in physics, and Condensed Matter Physics is the key discipline in Liaoning Province. The Department of Chemistry has the first-class disciplinary Master's Degree Program, the Doctor's Degree Program and the first-class disciplinary Postdoctoral Mobile Research Station in chemistry, as well as a Master’s Degree Program in Applied Chemistry and a Master’s Degree Program in Chemical Engineering and Materials Major. It has two key laboratories in Liaoning Province: Flow Analysis and Equipment and Liquid Crystal Functional Polymer Science and Engineering. Analytical chemistry and Physical Chemistry are key disciplines of Liaoning Province, and the undergraduate major of Applied Chemistry is the national first-class major construction station. The Department of Mechanics has the first-class disciplinary Master's Degree Program and Doctor's Degree Program in mechanics.

At present, our college has 230 faculty members, including winners of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, winners of Science Fund for Outstanding Scholars,candidates of New Century Excellent Talents Support Project of Ministry of Education, Humboldt Fellows of Germany. Liaoning Province Leading Talents of Scientific and Technological Innovation under Liaoning Revitalization Plan,Top-notch Talents, famous teachers of Liaoning Province, and leading talents of Shenyang City, etc. Our college has made great efforts to promote the interdisciplinary integration of innovative research of basic disciplines and practical application, which has gained remarkable achievements. Chemistry has reached the standard of ESI (Essential Science Indicators), ranking as top 1% in the world, and disciplines of physics, mathematics and mechanics have made continuous new progress in disciplinary construction.

Our college actively creates a fine hardware environment and a soft environment with Honesty and Justice for teachers' development. We have established a large-scale instrument sharing platform with advanced instruments and equipments. We have created a strong academic atmosphere and rigorous and realistic academic atmosphere, and formed a development situation full of youthful spirit. The College of Sciences, which is striving forward, sincerely invites foreign and domestic outstanding talents to come to Shenyang and create a glorious future of science together!

1. Discipline Requirements

Mathematics: Fundamental Mathematics, Computational Mathematics, Probability and Mathematical Statistics, Applied Mathematics, Statistics Subject

Physics: Optics, Condensed Matter Physics, Theoretical Physics, Radio Physics

Chemistry: Inorganic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Polymeric Chemistry and Physics

Mechanics: General Mechanics and Mechanics Foundation, Solid Mechanics

2. Recruitment Condition and Treatment

(1) Lecturer

Recruitment Requirements

1. Solid and systematic professional basic theories, good teaching level and the ability to independently carry out scientific research are required. Able to skillfully use foreign language to carry out the work of teaching and scientific research.

2. As the first author, you have published in public academic papers with high innovation level and scientific value in the high-level Journals on your discipline.


  1. In the first contract period, basic salary is paid according to your employment position, and the performance allowance is paid according to the three-level position of associate professor; for the teachers who have participated in and passed the assessment of Work Report Defense in the first contract period, their basic salary and university allowance in the second contract period are paid according to their employment positions.
  2. New teachers can get the start-up fund for scientific research and house purchase subsidy as soon as they arrive at our university.

 (2)  Professor, Associate Professor

Recruitment Requirements

1. You are required to have high academic level and academic influence, outstanding innovative potential and development potential; the research work should be in accordance with the disciplinary construction development plan of the university and recognized by peers. The research work should gain important research achievement.

2. In principle, you should have obtained a doctor's degree at one foreign and domestic first-class university or scientific research institution, and have more than 2 years of scientific research experience at one first-class foreign university or scientific research institution.


1. We provide competitive salary and research start-up fund and house purchase subsidy for successful applicants.

2. For the teachers who meet the requirements of Liaoning Province and Shenyang City Talents Plan, our university selects the excellent and recommends them to join various talent plans.

Contact Information: College of Sciences, Northeastern University, No.11, Lane 3, Wenhua Road, Heping District, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province

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