International Educator: Biomedical Sciences

United States (International Deployment)
Living/travel stipend, medical care, and transition stipend provided
March 04 2020
Position Type
Full Time
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Peace Corps Response established its “Advancing Health Professionals” program in 2019. Response Volunteers serving with the AHP program seek to improve health outcomes on a societal level through the provision of high-level, specialized service in the health sector. AHP projects include programming such as nursing education, health systems strengthening, service delivery improvement, and other non-clinical interventions which enhance the quality of healthcare.

As part of the Advancing Health Professionals (AHP) program, several Peace Corps Response Volunteers (PCRVs) with a degree in a biomedical science and experience in teaching at the collegiate level are needed to serve as International Educators for 12 months at various medical education institutes in Malawi, Eswatini, and Liberia, without the provision of direct medical care to patients or clinical supervision of students. These degree and certificate programs currently experience a shortage of highly trained biomedical science educators, and the broader health systems of these countries have high vacancy rates in trained healthcare professionals. The PCRVs will work alongside local faculty to teach and mentor students and work with the university teams in the development of new modules, programs and innovative teaching.  

Volunteers in these positions will be expected to participate in the creation, implementation, and evaluation of the science curriculum, develop lesson plans, and assess student performance. The PCRVs will support and mentor students during their classroom work and as they prepare for their exams. Some Volunteers will also undertake relevant research and supervise student project proposals and research projects. The overall goal of these assignments is to develop the capacity of these institutions to provide high quality education in premedical programs. Use the links below to review individual position information and to apply.

Eswatini - Depart by 31-July-2020

Malawi - Depart by 22-Aug-2020

Liberia - Depart by 5-Sept-2020

The Peace Corps offers a unique experience to make a difference around the world and bring the benefits of that experience back home. Peace Corps Response recruits U.S. citizens with significant professional experience as well as returned Peace Corps Volunteers for short-term, high-impact assignments. These positions are streamlined and designed for Volunteers to hit the ground running. Peace Corps Response Volunteers receive financial and other benefits, including: transportation to and from their country of service; settling-in, living, and leave allowances; two vacation days per month of service; medical care; and for those who complete their service, the option to receive a travel stipend in lieu of a return plane ticket. Learn more about volunteer opportunities with Peace Corps Response at

Most of these educator openings require a combination of these skills:

  • Degree in a biomedical science in one of the above backgrounds
  • Experience teaching in a college or university
  • Excellent communication and mentoring skills, particularly in cross-cultural environments
  • Flexibility to serve in under-resourced settings
  • U.S. citizen and at least 18 years of age