Postdoctoral Research Fellow - Mitochondrial Metabolomics

University of Michigan, College of Pharmacy, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Salary will be equivalent to the NIH minimum.
February 06 2020
Position Type
Full Time
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The College of Pharmacy, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences is seeking a highly motivated, independent PhD level mitochondrial biologist to study metabolic function in a range of systems including cell culture and experimental and clinical models.  This ideal candidate will study the metabolic mechanisms that drive drug response, drug toxicity, and drug-drug interactions. The post-doctorate will also be expected to participate in the training of graduate students, and should be open to assist on a range of very different kinds of projects.

The ideal candidate will have a PhD in mitochondrial biology and analytical skills in mass spectroscopy, NMR, chemical imaging and physiological assays systems (e.g., Seahorse) and biological skills in cell culture and animal models.