BNU Seeking Top Talents in Systems Science

Beijing Normal University (BNU)
Beijing (CN)
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September 17 2019
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Beijing Normal University (BNU), as a venerable and dynamic institution, has a long-held tradition of partnering with leading academic institutions from around the world. Noted for its culturally rich and diverse environment, BNU endeavors to become a leader of higher education in China, Asia and even the world.

The School of Systems Science (SSS) at BNU advocates interdisciplinary research in systems science through collaboration with other disciplines in natural, social, technical and economic sciences inside and outside BNU. Having such a uniquely collaborative environment together with outstanding research facilities, SSS aspires to excel internationally in the field of Systems Science.

In 2018, SSS will establish an International Science Center for Complex Systems on the Zhuhai campus of BNU in southern China. This center aims at the frontiers of scientific research and technical innovation, specifically in the formation mechanism of human decision making behavior and its neural mechanism, together with data analysis of human behavior and artificial intelligence (including swarm intelligence). By mobilizing its top experts to lead key research projects in cooperation with talents around the world, this science center is expected to become an international platform for systems science development as well as an interface between academia, industry and governmental authorities.

In order to carry out cutting-edge research in systems science, SSS intends to expand its research team. Its current research portfolio includes, but is not limited to the following fields:

i. The fundamental theories of complex system.

ii. Social and economic system.

iii. The life ecosystem and the self-organizing behavior of brain and cognition.

iv. Multi-agent system and evolutionary algorithm.

v. Information technology of artificial intelligence systems.

vi. The science of science.

SSS sincerely welcomes famous scholars, academic leaders, promising scholars and postdocs in interdisciplinary areas of systems science. The applicant is expected to have a doctoral degree in relevant orientation, a solid research foundation and outstanding research findings in the above-mentioned fields, with great potential for being an excellent teacher and tutor, at the same time an excellent team player in interdisciplinary collaboration.

BNU will place each successful applicant in a proper position according to his/her academic background, research interests and teaching plan, and provide him/her with competitive salary, sufficient start-up fund, necessary laboratory and office space, and other reasonable supports. During the employment, BNU will evaluate each faculty member’s capacity and potential and provide the best opportunities for vocational development in line with the international conventions and common practices in academic circles.

Over the years, SSS has made great contributions to the sustainable development of systems science in and outside China. Faced with the complex social and technological challenges, SSS will resume its effort to solve scientific problems in nature and society. By integrating many different yet relevant disciplines and building the international advanced research center of complex systems, SSS strives to cultivate high-level interdisciplinary talents so as to generate new knowledge, new minds, and new technologies that will promote the creation of a shared future for mankind. In time, SSS will become a crucial education and innovation incubator for big data, artificial intelligence, future brain and intellectual education.

SSS cordially welcomes job applicants and visiting scholars with expertise in systems science and related areas. The school also welcomes research and education collaboration from China and the rest of world.

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Address: School of Systems Science, Beijing Normal University, No. 19, XinJieKouWai St., Haidian District, Beijing, P.R.China 100875