Research Assistant II

Houston, Texas
September 23 2019
Organization Type
Research Assistant II

Job Responsibilities

• Timely collection and processing of research samples including blood, urine, bone marrow aspirates and biopsy, saliva, buccal mucosa and tissue biopsies.

• Performs processing and shipping services for research patients.

• Performs phlebotomy/designated laboratory processing.

• Ensures adequate laboratory supplies, protocol collection kits, and other resources are available for daily operations.

• Assists with the pick-up and delivery of samples as requested or assigned.

• Restocks laboratory supplies, maintains clean work environment.

• Demonstrate competency in the principles and practice of sample processing and maintenance of processing equipment.

• Maintains working knowledge of all policies and protocols that are essential to the accuracy and timeliness of collection, processing and shipping/storage of samples.

• Assures quality control data generated is documented according to standard operating procedures.

• Notes expiration dates on all supplies and sterile equipment used.

• Demonstrates excellent oral and written communication skills when contacting other institutions, patients, and agencies (i.e., NCI, pharmaceutical companies, sponsoring agencies, etc.) by phone, email, and/or face to face interactions.

• Assumes personal accountability to have all samples collected and all documentation reviewed for accuracy and completeness prior to storage or other sample disposition.

• Adheres to all mandated patient safety requirements, guidelines for safe handling of cytotoxic agents and biological hazards and all other applicable regulatory requirements, including hand washing and proper use of personal protective garb/equipment.

• Accurately enters required data regarding collections into various logs, labels requisitions and computer database systems.

• Catalogues all collected samples.

• Prepares samples for same day shipping as assigned. Accurately completes all shipping requisitions per sponsor guidelines and instructions.

• Assimilates pertinent information in order to compose written correspondence.

  • All other duties as assigned.

Education Required: Bachelor's degree with major course works in one of the basic sciences.

Experience Required: Two years experience in scientific or experimental research work. No experience required with preferred degree.

It is the policy of The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center to provide equal employment opportunity without regard to race, color, religion, age, national origin, sex, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, disability, protected veteran status, genetic information, or any other basis protected by institutional policy or by federal, state or local laws unless such distinction is required by law.

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