Pfizer Worldwide Research and Development Postdoctoral Program

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Pfizer Worldwide Research and Development Postdoctoral Program

At Pfizer, postdocs are trained to become successful, independent investigators, capable of formulating and addressing important scientific hypotheses. In addition, trainees receive broad exposure to the process of drug discovery, from idea to clinical trials. Areas of scientific focus include cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, comparative medicine, drug safety, biotherapeutics/protein engineering, inflammation and immunology, medicinal chemistry, oncology, pharmacology, vaccines, and clinical, computational, and genomic sciences.

We recruit highly motivated Ph.D. recipients with an outstanding track record of scientific productivity and a passion for ground-breaking, fast-paced research that facilitates the development of innovative therapies for human diseases. Our program promotes dissemination of research results through publications and participation in scientific meetings, provides opportunities for collaboration with leading academic labs and industry consortia, and offers exceptional professional development training and networking opportunities.

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