Position available in the lab of Animal Genomics - GIGA-Medical Genomics Unit

Belgium (BE)
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August 09 2019
GIGA-Medical Genomics Unit
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The Unit of Animal Genomics (UAG) is an internationally acclaimed research group, headed by Michel Georges, whose ~20 members develop and use state-of-the-art genomic and analytical tools to dissect the molecular basis of complex traits of medical, agricultural and fundamental importance in humans and animals (www.giga.uliege.be/cms/c_20639/fr/unit-of-animalgenomics-home). 
The UAG is part of the GIGA biomedical research institute counting more than 500 scientist that are active in the neurosciences, cancer biology, inflammation-infection-immunity, stem cell biology, medical genomics and bioengineering (www.giga.uliege.be).  GIGA is located in the gorgeous Sart-Tilman campus of the University of Liège.      
The Unit of Animal Genomics seeks to hire highly motivated and enthusiastic: 
1- Microbiome specialist (bioinformatics and lab wet work) in IBD group: 
To join the IBD genomics team and participate in the setting-up of in situ microbiome profiling method, generation  and analyzing gut microbiome data of the CEDAR-II cohort, i.e. a unique cohort of ~500 individuals that are deeply phenotyped at the metabolome, genome, transcriptome and microbiome level in multiple immune cell types and intestinal locations with the aim to identify variants, genes and pathways underlying inherited predisposition to Inflammatory Bowel Disease (f.i. Huang et al. Nature 2017; Momozawa et al. Nat Commun 2018).   We welcome applications at the PhD and postdoctoral level. Prior experience in microbiome field (wet and dry) and/or genetics are an advantage.  

 2- Bioinformaticians and quantitative geneticists in livestock genomics: 

To join the animal genomics teams and participate in the analysis of the DAMONA and CAUSEL datasets, i.e. unique cohorts of > 1,000 animals that have been whole genome sequenced, to identify variants, genes and pathways influencing agriculturally important phenotypes, to study the process of de novo mutation, recombination, gene conversion and transposon mobilization in the bovine germ line, and to develop novel approaches towards genomic selection.  
We welcome applications at the PhD and postdoctoral level.  Prior experience in informatics, statistics and/or genetics are an advantage. 
We offer - A high profile research project, fully financed by highly competitive grants - A modern, international and well-equipped research environment with state-of-the-art technological platform  - An attractive salary in an affordable, lively and welcoming environment - Funding available for several years. The position is available immediately

To apply, please provide a cover letter in which you describe yourself and explain your interest in the position and your long-term career perspectives, a CV including information about your education, previous work experience and expertise, and two references with contact information. Documents should be sent to rh.giga@ulg.ac.be.