Postdoc Opportunity to study Oxygen/Vitamins/Aging in the Jain Lab at UCSF

San Francisco, California
Competitive salary and excellent benefits
July 18 2019
Position Type
Full Time
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The Jain Lab at University of California, San Francisco  ( is looking for motivated, hard-working and curious applicants. We recently discovered that chronic hypoxia (equivalent to living in the mountains of Peru or Nepal) can serve as a therapy for mitochondrial disease in mouse models ( This approach is currently in clinical trials. We are now interested in studying the effects of low and high oxygen on additional disorders and age-associated processes, as well as understanding the fundamentals of how organisms sense and adapt to varying oxygen tensions. We are also studying the effects of varying vitamin doses on different disease conditions, with the idea of developing megavitamin therapies for metabolic and age-associated conditions. 

We will be using a combination of systems biology approaches (CRISPR screens, metabolomics, etc.) and animal physiology to tackle these questions. Post-docs will be encouraged to lead independent projects resulting in high impact publications, present at conferences and prepare for long-term careers in academia or industry.

If you are interested in working on exciting problems related to oxygen/vitamins/aging, email Dr. Jain at with a short description of your past research experiences and a resume/CV.


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