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July 08 2019
Physical Sciences
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The Institute for Basic Science (IBS) is a government-funded research institute that has been founded with the sole purpose of driving forward the development of basic science. IBS is committed to identifying, developing and advancing discoveries in fundamental science and groundbreaking technology through world-class basic science research. IBS is seeking candidates who have strong leadership skills and a compelling vision to lead the institute into the future as a globally-recognized front-runner in basic science.


Position: IBS President

Term of Position: Five years after the appointment date


  - Compelling vision and strategic thinking to lead IBS as a global research institute

  - Expert knowledge and significant experience in basic science and scientific policies

  - Recognized leadership skills in managing and directing a scientific research organization

  - Demonstrated ability to innovate within an organization

  - Is not subject to disqualification in accordance with Article 9 of the Articles of Incorporation of IBS


To Apply

Please visit to submit the required documents, or mail the documents to the address below.

Management Planning Team

Institute for Basic Science

55, Expo-ro Yuseong-gu

Daejeon, Korea 34126


Required Documents

  - Application form

  - Curriculum vitae (free format with a photo)

  - List of publications

  - Personal statement (less than 5 A4-sized pages)

  - Action plan (less than 5 A4-sized pages)

  - Copy of Graduation certificate of highest degree obtained

  - (Korean nationals only) Certificate of family-resident registration

  - Consent to collection and use of personal information

  - Letter of recommendation(s) (no more than 3, optional)

* Please use the templates provided for application form, personal statement, action plan, and consent to collection and use of personal information to submit your application.

* For candidates recommended by the listed organizations or associations, a letter of recommendation from the recommending organization or institution must be sent directly to IBS through their electronic document management system (please refer to the IBS website)


Closing Date

18:00 (KST) Monday, Aug. 5, 2019

* Please submit the required documents by the closing date.



  - Submitted documents will be used for application review only, and return of the documents will be undertaken in accordance with the Fair Hiring Procedure Act.

  - Incorrect information may result in the revocation of nomination for the position.

  - For more details, please visit, email at or call +82-42-878-8186.

  - Matters regarding the application including review criteria, procedures, appointment, contracts, for all applicants shall comply with relevant Korean laws and IBS regulations.



July 8, 2019

IBS Presidential Search/Nomination Committee