Announcement on HZNU 2019 “Outstanding” Young Scholars Recruitment

Introduction to the forum

Hangzhou Normal University (HZNU) is located in Hangzhou, a world renowned historical and cultural city. It grew out of Zhejiang Government Two-Level Normal College which was established in 1908. The University has currently progressed into one of the top local universities in Zhejiang and Jiangsu provinces. In August 2017, HZNU was listed as a key construction university in Zhejiang Province by the Zhejiang Provincial Government. Among the eminent alumni are Feng Zikai and Pan Tianshou, two well-known painters, and Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba.

In order to accelerate the step of promoting HZNU with talents, speed up the introduction of and enhance the appeals to more talents, we hereby organize the 2019 Outstanding Young Scholars Forum at HZNU. We sincerely invite all the young scholars with excellent academic backgrounds and potentials to come to our university and join us. The Forum and HZNU as well will be an excellent platform for talents to communicate with each other, to know each other and to cooperate with each other. HZNU warmly welcome all the outstanding scholars to be recruited as members of the "Outstanding Talent Program" and to make greater contributions to the construction of the University and the development of economy of Hangzhou city.

Disciplines area and Conditions

Disciplines area

Public Management, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Foreign Language and Literature, Psychology, Nursing, Fine Arts, Education Science, Chinese History, Law, Ecology, Philosophy, Theoretical Economics, Applied Economics, Marxist theory, Political Science, Sociology, Science of Physical Culture and Sports, Surveying and Mapping.Physics, Geography, Chemical Engineering and Technology, Materials Science and Engineering, Cyberspace Security.

Public Health and Preventive Medicine, Basic Medicine, Clinical Medicine, Stomatology, Pharmaceutical Science, Management Science and Engineering, Business Administration, Drama and Film and Television Science, Design, Calligraphy, Landscape Architecture.

Computer Applied Technology, Software Engineering, Electronic Science and Technology, Control Science and Engineering, Big Data Science and Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Information and Communication Engineering.


Young scholars from home and abroad coming to visit HZNU should meet the following conditions:

  • Doctorate degree has been granted or will be granted in 6 months by overseas universities, excellent achievements, creative thinking and with potentials to be a leading academic backbone;
  • Doctorate degree granted by mainland universities and an experience of postdoctoral work or a two-year work experience in overseas well-known universities or research institutions;
  • Abiding by Chinese laws and regulations and good academic and professional ethics.

Forum Agenda and Participation subsidy

Forum Agenda

  • Deadline for application: August 31th, 2019;
  • Invitation will be offered on: September 1st- 30th, 2019;
  • On-the-spot register: October 23rd, 2019;
  • Forum duration: October 24th-25th, 2019.

Arrangements for the registration and pick-up stations will be stated in the invitation letter.

Participation subsidy

On receiving the official invitation letter, invited scholars can book their own air tickets or train tickets. The university will reimburse all the travel expenses to and from Hangzhou. According to the national financial policy and regulations, the expenses to be reimbursed should be no more than the economy class airfare and the second-class seats. To be more concrete, domestic scholars will have a reimbursement of no more than RMB 3,000, and overseas scholars will have a maximum of RMB 13,000 (RMB 8,000 in the Asia-Pacific region).

Catering and accommodation are arranged by the university during the forum, and the expenses are borne by the university.

Registration and contact

For details of the forum, please visit the forum website:

For other detailed recruitment information, please visit our website:

Registration method

Registration can be done in the following three ways: filling out the "Application Form" online, or you can download the " Application Form " below, fill it out and send it by mail.

Online registration website: Hangzhou Normal University 2019 "Outstanding" Young Scholars Forum.

Log on the forum website.

Download the "Application Form" on the website of the Personnel Department of Hangzhou Normal University and send it by email.

Contact information

Enrolling Contact person: Ms. Hu, Miss. Wu

Telephone: +86-571-28865369,28869321