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June 27 2019
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Shenzhen University (SZU) was founded as a public university in 1983 located at the Nanshan Peninsula. Facing Hong Kong across the sea, it has undergone rapid growth and expansion in the past 36 years just like the city of Shenzhen, China's most successful Special Economic Zone, and has become a comprehensive university with complete disciplines and facilities, and a strong faculty team. Acclaimed as one of "the most beautiful universities" in China, SZU is committed to becoming a university that manifests the development of Shenzhen, a window of China's reform and opening up and a pilot zone of higher education.

In the 2019 World University Ranking Analysis Report released by CUAA (Chinese University Alumni Association), SZU ranks 53rd nationwide, 24th among China's comprehensive universities, and 579th in the world. (CUAA's report is based on the top 10 university rankings including the 2018-2019 QS World University Rankings and US News rankings).


Consisting of 25 schools and 2 affiliated hospitals, SZU is a multi-disciplinary university covers 11 disciplines including philosophy, literature, economics, law, education, science, engineering, management, medicine, history, and art.

Providing 96 undergraduate programs, it now boasts 5 state-level specialty programs, 14 provincial-level specialty programs, and 15 provincial-level key disciplines. It also has 10 first grade doctoral degree conferring disciplines, 3 post-doctoral mobile research stations, and 1 post-doctoral research center.

SZU enjoys rich teaching resources and scientific research facilities. It has established several national engineering laboratories, national engineering technology research centers, key laboratories under the Ministry of Education, international cooperation bases under the Ministry of Science and Technology and provincial key laboratories.

Six disciplines of the university have entered the top 1% of ESI: Engineering, Clinical Medicine, Material Science, Biology and Biochemistry, Computer Science and Chemistry, among which Engineering, Computer Science and Materials Science have entered the world's top 0.5%.

Scientific Research

SZU has been deepening the reform of the scientific research system, and the research projects and funding have grown significantly. In 2018, the total research funding exceeded 1.1 billion Yuan with 302 new NSFC (National Natural Science Foundation of China) projects and 33 new NSSFC (National Social Science Foundation of China) projects, taking the lead in the country and ranking first in Guangdong. Our faculty published a total of 3,293 papers in SCI indexed journals and 238 papers in SSCI indexed journals, receiving 2,846 scientific research awards.

Faculty Team

SZU boasts many eminent scholars with a total of 2,315 full-time teachers, 50% of whom are senior professionals.

With the strong backing of Shenzhen municipality, and on the strength of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, SZU will continue to strive to become a global institution, foster high-quality innovative and entrepreneurial talents in the spirit of reform and innovation, strive for cultural leadership to realize innovative and qualitative development, and build the high-level Special Economic Zone University for the people.

Talent Recruitment Plan in 2019

SZU is seeking applicants with a strong background in Life Science, Medicine (Preclinical and Clinical), Engineering, Computer Science, Material Science, Physics and other disciplines.We also appreciate the interest of candidates specializing in other fields in employment at our growing institution.

I. Distinguished Professors

Qualifications (meet one of the following conditions):

  • Recognized outstanding and high-level talents in the discipline at home and abroad;
  • Applicants must have more than 3 years research experience abroad  and have formal teaching or research positions in well-known foreign universities and other institutions.


  • Remuneration: SZU provides competitive remuneration. The successful candidate with outstanding achievements in scientific research will be granted with an annual salary (pretax) up to 1.7 million Yuan  (about USD 245,000);
  • Research start-up funds: SZU provides funding through various channels. Funding for natural sciences can be up to 8 million Yuan, for humanities and social sciences, up to 500,000 Yuan. Start-up funds for academicians and outstanding talents with considerable contributions can be determined by negotiations;
  • Municipal subsidies for high level talents vary from 2 million Yuan to 6 million Yuan (tax-free);
  • Team building: SZU provides preferential policy for the successful candidate to recruit postgraduates, post-doctors and full-time researchers;
  • SZU will assist in the settlement of spouses and children of the successful candidate, and spousal hires may be arranged;
  • Educational support: The SZU Affiliated Education Group provides high-quality educational services for the children of faculty and staff from kindergarten, primary school to secondary school level;
  • Health care: The Shenzhen University General Hospital (First-Class Hospital at Grade III) provides quality medical services for faculty and staff.

II.Tenure-Track Faculty

Qualifications(Meet the following conditions at the same time):

  • Applicants must have doctor's degree from international famous university, or have overseas high-level university postdoctoral research experience for more than 2 years;
  • Applicants must have publicly published more than 3 papers in their own disciplines as the first author or corresponding author in past 5 years.


  • Remuneration: SZU offers competitive salary for outstanding scientific researchers.An annual salary (pre-tax) of up to 800,000 Yuan (about 115,000USD)can be granted for assistant professors;860,000 Yuan (about 124,000USD) for associate professors and 970,000Yuan (about 140,000 USD) for professors;
  • Multi-channel start-up funds for scientific researches for natural science disciplines can be added up to 5.2 million Yuan and 100,000 Yuan for social science disciplines;
  • Municipal Rewards and subsidies for high-level talents ranged from 1.6 million to 3 million Yuan (duty-free). School level talent project provides annual payment from 150,000 to 200,000 Yuan (pre-tax) and other support for successful candidate.

III. Contact

  • For more information, please visit us at;
  • For distinguished professor application,please contact Mr. RENQiang at or 0086-755-26535295;
  • For tenure-track faculty application, please contact Mr.ZHANG Changqun at or 0086-755-26536111.