Shenzhen Technology University Seeks Academic Leaders Globally

Funded by the Municipal Government of Shenzhen, Shenzhen Technology University (SZTU) was established in Pingshan District of Shenzhen. With the strong financial support and favorable policies from Shenzhen government, SZTU endeavors to be a high degree university of applied sciences and technologies. The total campus area will be 150 hectares.


To meet the urgent demand from the advanced manufacturing industry locally and nationally, the future SZTU is obligated to produce talent with spirit of craftsmanship such as senior engineers and architects. SZTU aims to establish itself as an open and innovative international university with Chinese characteristic and global outlook.

Education Mode

By learning from the dual system of Germany, SZTU will implement a modern apprenticeship system in teaching and explore a new education mode of applied sciences by joining efforts between industries and universities, between production and teaching, between practice and learning to realize Five Connections: connection between specialty setup and industry needs, connection between curriculum setting and professional criteria, connection between teaching processing and production processing, connection between diploma and professional certificate, and connection between vocational education and lifelong study.

Specialty Setup

SZTU sets up specialties and courses according to the needs of industrial chain and innovative chain. To meet the demand of pillar industry, strategic emerging industry and future industry in Shenzhen, SZTU has set up eight colleges so far: Sino-German College of Intelligent Manufacturing, College of Big Data and Internet, College of New Materials and New Energies, College of Urban Transportation and Logistics, College of Health Science and Environmental Engineering, College of Creative Design, Business School and College of Engineering Physics.

Position Summary

In order to lead the discipline’s development and set up teaching and research programmes within various fields, we intend to expand our team of academic leaders, which will be composed of high-level talents both in China and from abroad, in the following fields:

Sino-German College of Intelligent Manufacturing

  • Z01- Optoelectronic Measurements and Optical Imaging Technologies
  • Z02- Optoelectronic Devices and Systems
  • Z03- Electronic Device Designs and Applications
  • Z04- Ultra-Fast Laser Technologies
  • Z05- Robotics and its Application
  • Z06- Driving and Servo Control Technology
  • Z07- Modern Design Method
  • Z08- Intelligent Manufacturing and Equipment
  • Z09- Precision Motion Control
  • Z10- Intelligent molding and 3D Printing


College of Big Data and Internet

  • D01- IoT Operation & Management
  • D02- IoT Chip Design & Intelligent Sensor
  • D03- IoT Network
  • D04- IoT Security
  • D05- IoT Applications
  • D06- Artificial Intelligence & Applications
  • D07- Computer Software & Theory
  • D08- Cryptography & Information Security
  • D09- Computer System Architecture
  • D10- Bioinformatics & Big Data


College of New Materials and New Energies

  • X01- Organic Optoelectronic Materials, Devices and Systems
  • X02- Optical Communication Technology
  • X03- Inorganic Photovoltaic Materials, Devices and Systems
  • X04- Wide Band Gap Semiconductor Optoelectronic Materials and Devices
  • X05- Micro-Nano Preparation Technology
  • X06- Energy Storage Materials and Devices
  • X07- Solar System and Microgrid
  • X08- High Efficiency Solar Cell Materials and Devices
  • X09- Film and Surface Engineering
  • X10- Flexible Energy Device


College of Urban Transportation and Logistics

  • C01- Intelligent Transportation System Engineering
  • C02- Traffic Planning Management and Big Data Application
  • C03- Rail Transit Control and Intelligent Maintenance
  • C04- Rail Transit Infrastructure Design and Operation Management
  • C05- Intelligent Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • C06- Automobile Digital Design
  • C07- Vehicle Safety and Accident Analysis
  • C08- New Energy Vehicle Drive and Transmission
  • C09- Vehicle Intelligence and Networking Technology
  • C10- Automobile Manufacturing and Service in full Life-Cycle
  • C11- Automobile Detection and Fault Diagnosis
  • C12- Automobile Maintenance- Equipment and Service Quality Criteria
  • C13- Automobile Big Data Management and Application
  • C14- Vehicle On-board Smart Terminal and New Ecological Industry


College of Health Science and Environmental Engineering

  • JK01- Nano-Bioprobes and Theranostics
  • JK02- Science and Technology for Major Disease Control
  • JK03- Biomedical Imaging
  • JK04- Medical Devices and Wearables
  • JK05- Biological and Medical Sensor Technologies


College of Creative Design

  • CY01- Industrial Design (Electronic and Light Industry Product Design Direction)
  • CY02- Industrial Design (Transportation Design Direction)
  • CY03- Industrial Design (Design Direction of Literary Creation Products)
  • CY04- Industrial Design (Jewelry Design Direction)
  • CY05- Industrial Design (Interactive Design Direction)
  • CY06- Environmental Design (Interior Design Direction)
  • CY07- Environmental Design (Public Art Direction)


Business School

  • BS01- Contemporary Marketing and Market Research
  • BS02- Human Resource Management and Labour Law
  • BS03- Supply Chain Management/ Logistics Management
  • BS04- Strategic Management
  • BS05- Business Management and Controlling
  • BS06- Business Management, Finance and Corporate Assessment
  • BS07- Business Management, International Capital Market and Asset Management
  • BS08- International Economy/Statistics
  • BS09- Business Law


College of Engineering Physics

  • G01- Laser Accelerator Physics and Applications
  • G02- Material Properties and Diagnostics under Extreme Conditions
  • G03- Simulation Physics and Visualization
  • G04- Key Technology and Applications of Large-Scale Laser Facility
  • G05- Fusion and Neutron Physics

Please find more information about Responsibilities & Qualifications of the opening position above by downloading the document below (clicking the green button on the following website) :


Nomination and Application Process

Review of nominations and applications will begin immediately and will continue until the position is filled.

Application documents should include:

  • A comprehensive curriculum vitae with a List of publications and researches, Work experience (full-time), Education experience (fill in from undergraduate stage), Overseas exchange program experience (for example: visiting scholar experience);
  • Copies of highest academic degree and related qualification certificates;
  • A statement of future teaching & research plan; 
  • Application Form (For Chinese-speaking applicants, please fill out both Chinese and English application forms) Download link:

Please submit the documents mentioned above electronically to: and title your email as "Full Name of Applicant + Job Title + Science" (For Example: James + Z01 + Science) 

Application materials sent inconsistently with our requirements will be considered as invalid.

For additional information about the position, please contact:

Miss Su / Miss Yang, Tel: +86-755-23256280
Mailing Address: Chuangjing Road, Pingshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China 518118
University Website:
Job Website:

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