2018 Recruitment Program of Fujian Medical University for Staff with Doctorate

  Fujian Medical University, a key institution of higher education in Fujian Province, due to work needs, now plans to publically recruit 56 staff members with doctorate. The detailed plan is as follows.

I. Basic Requirements

1. Nationality of the People's Republic of China; support for the leadership of the Communist Party of China; love for socialism; compliance with law; good conduct;

2. Good health meeting the standards of physical examination for the civil servant recruitment;

II. Posts and Requirements please check the Attachment 3

III. Application

1. Application time: the whole year of 2018

2. Application means: Fill in the “Talent Introduction Declaration Form of Fujian Medical University” (Attachment 1) and send (post)the supporting materials to the Human Resources Department of Fujian Medical University or send the scanned materials to the contact e-mail address. Application materials include:

(1) “Talent Introduction Declaration Form of Fujian Medical University”

(2) Copy of ID card

(3) Copies of Degree Certificates of Bachelor, Master and Doctor; 2018 graduates who temporarily cannot provide relevant degree certificates should offer graduate employment recommendation form with school report and give a written promise that the relevant degree certificates will be available on time.

(4) Applicants who have worked should provide the application consenting certificate issued by the human resources department of the work unit or the certificate showing that the labor relation with the present work unit has been terminated. If the above certificates are not available now, it could be delayed until before the physical examination on condition that the quest from the applicant is approved by this university. 

3. Qualification examination: The university will give a preliminary examination of the applicants’ qualification. Applicants should apply in strict accordance with the job recruiting conditions and be accountable for the authenticity of the offered materials. If applicants provide false information or the information does not conform to the recruiting conditions, the university will cancel their application qualifications after confirming it.

IV. Examination

According to the Open Recruitment Stipulations for Fujian Provincial Public Institutions, the examination will be conducted by means of interview and the passing line is 70 grades. The time and setting for the examination will be informed to the applicants through telephone call.

V. Physical examination

1. The candidates for physical examination will be determined according to the interview results and the ratio of 1:1 of the planned recruiting numbers. The standard and items of physical examination will refer to the recruiting standard of civil servants.

2. Failing to take the physical examination on time will be regarded as giving up the application. Should that happen or the applicants fail to pass the physical examination, the applicants ranking next below in the interview results will come for the physical examination.

VI. Employment

1. Handle the employment confirmation procedure. The candidates for employment need to come to sign the employment contract with the university within the stipulated time. Exceeding the time limit will lead to disqualification of employment.

2. The employment contract will be terminated if the newly employed fail to pass the performance evaluation after the probation period.

3. The employed will be categorized as staffing of government affiliated institutions, with the salary, welfare and social insurance comparable to those of the in-service staff of public institutions in Fujian Province and the country.

4. The employed whose qualifications conform to the talent introduction policy of Fujian Medial University will enjoy corresponding favorable treatments.(See attachment 2)

VII. Contact information

Contact person: Mr.Yang, Ms.Wang

Contact number: 0591-22862961

Fax: 0591—22862012

E-mail address for resume: fmuszk@mail.fjmu.edu.cn

Contact address: 1 Xuefu North Road, University Town, Fuzhou, Fujian Province

Postcode: 350122


1. Talent introduction declaration form of Fujian Medical University

2. Talent introduction policy and treatment of Fujian Medical University                                                                          

3. Posts and Requirements



Fujian Medical University

May 21, 2019