Talents Recruitment of Wuhan Textile University

Wuhan Textile University
Wuhan, Hubei (CN)
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May 06 2019
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Brief introduction to the school

Founded in 1958 as Wuhan Institute of Textile Engineering, Wuhan Textile University is located in Wuchang Area, Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China. After 60 years of development, WTU has established a wide range of disciplines covering science, engineering, liberal arts, economy, management and art with distinctive features and obvious strengths. The university covers an area of more than 130 hectares, with 4 campuses (Sunshine Campus, South Lake Campus, East Lake Campus and Hidden Dragon Campus), ideal places to study for the verdant forest, elegant environment and pleasant scenery.

At present, there are nearly 22,000 students and more than 1,000 full-time teachers. WTU is also among the first batch of Hubei Provincial Innovation and Entrepreneurship Bases for Overseas High-level Talents,with over 300 high-level talents at the national, provincial and ministerial levels. In 2012, it was selected as the key construction university in the National Basic Ability Construction Project of Western and Central China and in 2018, the major of Textile Science and Engineering was selected as the first-class discipline construction discipline in Hubei Province.

WTU has its National-local Joint Engineering Laboratories, State Key Laboratory Cultivation Bases, Key Laboratories of the Ministry of Education, Engineering Research Centers of the Ministry of Education, and a number of provincial platforms of key disciplines. WTU has won first-prize and second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Awards, second-prize of National Awards for Technological Invention and many other national and provincial awards. Meanwhile, it has undertaken more than 100 national research projects including “973 project” and “863 project”.

WTU will provide excellent talents with good working and living conditions, support funds for starting scientific research and construction funds of scientific research platform in accordance with the needs of scientific research. The university strongly encourages scholars to apply for higher national and provincial talents projects and provides corresponding conditions and treatment on approval (For more information please refer to the policy documents of the State and Hubei Province for specific reporting conditions or standards for various talent projects)

And WTU encourages all kinds of talents to apply for the "Sunshine Scholar" (Sunshine Outstanding Scholar, Sunshine Special Professor, Sunshine Youth Top Talent). For more details, please refer to the Management Method of “Sunshine Scholars Program” of Wuhan Textile University. 


There are four campuses in Wuhan Textile University, with various sports facilities such as stadiums, and living service facilities such as supermarkets, hospitals and canteens. Commuting school bus, on-campus kindergartens, wireless network coverage are prepared for teachers and students to build a convenient and comfortable living and learning environment.

WTU follows its motto of “Truth-advocating and beauty-loving” and fosters the spirit of “never-ending self-improvement through the earth”, enhancing the rich humanistic atmosphere. Teachers, students and staffs are on the way to pursuing truth, advocating sincerity, moralizing spirit and promoting the realm.

Every day witnesses highlights of model show, clothes, just like wandering in the sea of flowers; Every body can enjoy the spiritual feast in the Sunshine humanity pulpit; Every performance of "Weaving Dreams" grants you a taste of the beauty of art. From "garment beauty," "art beauty" to "spirit beauty," "behavior beauty" , "beauty" has been printed clearly on the banner of scientific research, talent training, cultural inheritance and social services, and also buried into the minds of teachers and students of Wuhan Textile University.

Forum Introduction

Wuhan Textile University is a distinctive and outstanding general undergraduate university carrying on the policy of characteristic development and open education. There are National-local Joint Engineering Laboratories, State Key Laboratory Cultivation Bases, Key Laboratories of the Ministry of Education, Engineering Research Centers of the Ministry of Education, and a number of provincial platforms of key disciplines. The project of Talents Highland of WTU attracts many foreign academicians and candidates of national and provincial talent projects, which has established a team of teaching faculty with lofty ethics, rigorous teaching style and excellent quality. The first International Youth Scholars Sunshine Forum of Wuhan Textile University and the International Conference on Textile and Materials aims to set up a platform for academic exchange and communication in the frontier and hot research fields of international science, gather outstanding young scholars from home and abroad in Wuhan Textile University, and build a high-level university with distinct characteristics.


1. Talents at the national, provincial and ministerial level should be in accordance with age demand of the corresponding talent project. Such limitations can be eased for outstanding talents;

2. Doctorate degree ( world first-class disciplines in a well-known overseas or domestic university) and over 2-year scientific and research experience in a well-known overseas university, scientific research institution or enterprise R & D institution;

3. Certain achievements or excellent development potential in the field they are engaged in.

Majors and Disciplines

Textile science and engineering, Mechanical engineering, Material science and engineering, Environmental science and engineering, Chemistry and chemical engineering, Computer science, Electronic information engineering, Design, Economics, Accounting, Management science and engineering.


1. For qualified young scholars, please register on the website before May 10, 2019:


  • Organizers will send invitation letter to qualified scholars before May 15, 2019;
  • For qualified scholars, please reply within one week after receiving the invitation letter in order to confirm whether to attend the meeting.


Organizers provides accommodation during the forum (free of charge) and transportation expenses for every invited scholar. The standard is limited to economy class by air tickets and second-class seat by high-speed railway.

Schedule of the Forum

May 26th:  Registration of participants.

May 27th -28th : Opening ceremony, Report, Forum.


Mr Peng, Ms Ding

Telephone: +86-027-59367478

Mailbox: rsc@wtu.edu.cn.

Address: Personnel Department of Wuhan Textile University, No. 1 Sunshine Avenue, Jiangxia District, Wuhan , Hubei Province, China

Website: https://www.wtu.edu.cn/.

Wuhan Textile University warmly welcomes young scholars at home and abroad to register, consult and exchange. For those who are unable to participate in this forum for some reason, we sincerely welcome you to contact us and come to school for exchange at your convenience.