DSM Innovation Management Program

Ormit B.V.
Heerlen (Gemeenten), Limburg (NL)
May 06 2019
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Develop yourself to become an Innovation Manager together with ORMIT & DSM!

ORMIT & DSM Innovation Management Program

  • 3 challenging (international) projects at DSM.
  • An intensive two-year development program focused on personal leadership and innovation management.
  • Your own ORMIT coach and senior manager from DSM as a mentor.

Recognize yourself!
Are you enterprising and creative in adopting innovations and decisive in implementing them? Are you ready for the next step in your career? Then the ORMIT & DSM Innovation Management Program is for you!

For this ORMIT & DSM Program we are looking for talent that has already taken the first career steps and wants to develop more rapidly, possibly also internationally, at the interface of innovation and new business development. As a young professional, you will make the connection between the innovations that are developed at DSM, the various business groups of DSM and the continuously changing demands of our clients. Furthermore, you will go through an intensive development program with ORMIT which is aimed both at your professional and personal development.

Creating useful innovations
The client portfolio of DSM is diverse and the innovative solutions of DSM are often customized but have at the same time multiple applications. For example, within the business group ‘Materials Advance Solar’ the protective layer on the surface of screens has also been used to increase the efficiency of solar panels. And within another business group 'Dyneema' is developed by DSM. This super strong fiber (stronger than steel!) has a range of applications, such as in body armor, air cargo containers and stitches in hospitals. As a young professional at DSM you will easily move through the various parts of the business groups, which allows you to make a cross-sectional application of innovative solutions by DSM possible. You signal client needs and make a connection between the client’s needs and the innovation that takes place with DSM. And you will proactively search for applications on the market for the innovations developed by DSM. Creativity and the drive to innovate go hand in hand.

The majority of the projects that you will work on at DSM are aimed at the application of innovations in existing business groups, but you will also look out for business opportunities in the EBA’s (Emerging Business Areas) at DSM. On top of that you can use your knowledge and experience gained at different business groups to further implement best practices throughout these business groups. In short, you provide for successful development and implementation of innovations.

Royal DSM N.V. is active worldwide in the industries of health, nutrition and sustainable living. DSM is active in the Netherlands with high-quality production locations, support services and unique competencies and facilities for research and development. In modern laboratories scientists work on social solutions in food and materials that find their way around the world. DSM sites in more than 50 countries on 6 continents. Important locations are: the Netherlands, Switzerland, Mexico, Brazil, Shanghai and New York. Check out this video for more information about DSM.

Your career at DSM
The DSM Innovation Management Program lays the foundation for a successful career at DSM and is particularly suited to put you in a management position within one of the DSM business groups operating world-wide. Approximately 25% of DSM's business is based on innovation and you will play a key role in that.

The options within DSM where you can give your career a boost after finishing this Innovation Management Program are diverse and depend on your personal expertise, the direction in which you direct your development in the development program and the various projects that you carry out.

Do you have what it takes?
We are looking for driven people with leadership potential and the ability to create changes and who have the ambition it takes to make a difference in the interface between innovation and new business development at DSM. The important things for this would be that you have a commercial, entrepreneurial attitude, can think quickly and creatively, are client focused, can network well and have the requisite intercultural sensitivity. It is important that you can translate complex questions into concrete solutions and are thorough in implementing them. It is also important that you be flexible with respect to your employment location, both within the Netherlands as international.

This is what we ask from you:

  • Masters degree (MSc) or PhD in hand, preferably in a technical or technical business field.
  • 1-3 years of work experience.
  • Technical background or strong affinity with technical fields.
  • Good command of the English language.
  • Open for projects abroad.
  • Enthousiast about the development program with a focus on (personal) leadership development.

What can you expect from us?

  • Your submitted CV and motivation letter will be criticized.
  • We'll send you an online capacity test.
  • You'll be invited for a face-to-face interview.
  • We'll invite you for the ORMIT-assessment day.
  • We'll welcome you at ORMIT!

Do you have any questions?
Please contact our Corporate Recruiter Arlette van Lint, preferably via WhatsApp! +31 (0)6 57057672. Information about us is available at www.ormit.nl. Apply now via the online application form!

Agency calls are not appreciated.