Manhattan, New York
From $58,000 + benefits (following NY State guidelines)
April 22 2019
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The Laboratory 

The B cell biology Laboratory uses state-of-the-art cellular, molecular and in vivo techniques to address clinically relevant questions related to the regulation of antibody production by B cells. We are particularly interested in the mechanisms whereby innate immune cells facilitate the activation of B cells (Shan et al, Immunity 2018; Sintes et al, Nat Comm 2017; Chorny et al, JEM 2016; Magri & Cerutti Curr. Opin. Immunol. 2015; Magri et al, Nat Immunol 2014 Cerutti et al, Nat Rev Immunol 2013; Puga et Al, Nat Immunol 2012). We are also analyzing how intestinal B cells generate antibodies to commensal bacteria and how these antibodies shape the composition of the gut microbiota (Magri/Comerma et al, Immunity 2017; Gutzeit et al, Immunol Rev 2014). Our interest extends to intestinal antibody-binding protein such as the mucin 2, which enhances gut homeostasis (Shan et al, Science 2013). 

The Institute 

The Precision Immunology Institute at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai brings together faculty members from multiple disciplines and departments with a shared interest in mechanisms underlying immunity and immune-mediated diseases. Its overall goal is to provide a framework to enhance research collaborations, education, and clinical translation of basic research in immune-mediated diseases, exploring disease pathways with the intention of developing novel therapeutic approaches. 

The position 

We are seeking a full-time postdoc starting as soon as possible to dissect the regulation and gut microbiota reactivity of T cell-dependent and T cell-independent SIgA responses, to determine how these responses shape microbiota composition, and elucidate the molecular requirements of these responses by using mouse models as well as human samples. This project is part of a collaborative project between Dr. Cerutti and Drs Cunningham-Rundles, Faith, Meffre and Casanova. 


The candidate must hold a PhD, or obtain a PhD in the near future, should have experience in the areas of Immunology and/or host-microbe Interactions, as well as a strong publication record with high impact articles, including at least one first authorship. Experience in bioinformatics is a plus. The candidate must be proficient in oral and written English and must have prior experience with mouse handling, preferably also with colony management. We seek candidates who have excellent communication and multi-tasking skills, are team-oriented, proactive, driven, dedicated, self-motivated, honest, critical and open-minded. Previous experience in mucosal immunology and big data analysis will be a definitive advantage. 


To apply, email and with the subject “Postdoc 2019 – New York”. Include your CV, a short introductory letter and three personal references. Please include publication list and a statement of your research interests and motivations for applying for this position. The B cell Biology Lab values diversity and all applicants are welcome irrespective of race, nationality, gender or sexual orientation. 

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