Postdoc and Boinformatician

College Station, Texas
Salary is commensurate with experience, and full scale state employee benefits will be provided.
April 16 2019
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Full Time
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Postdoc, Technician

Several Postdoc Positions Available

Five postdoc positions and one bioinformatician position are available at Texas A&M University immediately.

  1. The first postdoc position will focus on biorefinery design and bioprocess development. The position requires chemical engineering, agriculture engineering or bioengineering background. The postdoc will lead the effort to design sustainable and economic bioprocess for multiple bioproducts and he will work closely with researchers in renewable materials, synthetic and systems biology to deliver new platforms for next generation biorefinery.
  2. The second postdoc position will focus on microbial engineering for biological lignin conversion and photosynthetic terpene production. Microbiology, metabolic engineering, and relevant background are required. He will lead the efforts on the development of microbial strains, fermentation and bioprocesses for renewable products and drug precursors.
  3. The third postdoc position focuses mass spectrometry application for proteomics and chemical quantitation. This is a joint position among two labs and the Synthetic and Systems Biology Innovation Hub. The position will involve broad collaboration in proteomics in bioenegery and environmental studies. The position also has the opportunity to study environmental toxins/protein characterization using various liquid chromatography mass spectrometry (LCMS) platforms. Background in protein chemistry, biochemistry and/or analytical chemistry, in particular, with hand-on experience on mass spectrometry is required.
  4. The fourth position is a bioinformatician position at PhD or Masters Levels. The bioinformatician position is available for the Synthetic and Systems Biology Innovation Hub, a university funded facility and intellectual core for synthetic biology and is expected to have experience with modeling of biological system and omics data processing. Background with mathematical biology, computational modeling and/or bioinformatics are needed. Experience about big data and machine learning will be a plus.
  5. The fifth position focuses on redesigning photosynthesis to enhance terpene production using plant metabolic engineering. Background in plant biology and metabolic engineering is required.
  6. A sixth position may be available depending on funding on biomaterials, including renewable carbon materials and lignin-based polymer materials such as lignin nanoparticles. The postdoc needs to have experience with material design and could participate in a broad range of projects including renewable battery, carbon fiber, and biomaterials for drug delivery. The lab is integrated with Synthetic and Systems Biology innovation Hub, where latest proteomics, mass spectrometry, and high throughput screening platforms are available.

In addition, the general lab environment is collaborative, friendly, and constructive. We are seeking highly motivated and productive scientists with suitable background as aforementioned. The laboratory nurtrues a collaborative environment with ample opportunities for grant writing, professional training, and career development routes. The laboratory is highly multidisciplinary and scientific integrated. For all positions, salary is commensurate with experience, and full scale state employee benefits will be provided. College Station is a great place to live, offering small town environment near to the major cities. If you are interested in such a position, please don’t hesitate to contact Joshua Yuan, Professor and Chair of Synthetic Biology and Renewable Products, at