Building capabilities within human genetics and functional genomics at GSK

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March 28 2019
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At GSK, we are poised to transform drug discovery by taking a deeper look into the genetic clues behind disease, aided by large-scale genetic resources, the latest technology and advanced data science skills.

Our new approach to R&D has at its core science related to cancer and to the immune system, and will leverage Human Genetics, Functional Genomics and advanced analytics to improve the
probability of successfully developing new medicines.

We are using human genetics to generate new insights, and selecting targets that have a high degree of validation based on human genetics. To identify the next generation of first-in-class targets, we will leverage our exciting collaborations with 23andMe, FinnGen, UK Biobank, Open Targets and The Altius Institute, amongst others. This shift to a genetics driven portfolio in a disease agnostic manner will result in a portfolio of robust lead candidate molecules with a higher probability of success.

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We are currently building our capabilities in Functional Genomics and Human Genetics at GSK. As we continue to grow both functions and invest in both teams, we are hiring a range of scientists including: Geneticists, Statistical Geneticists, Computational Biologists, Genomic Experts, Cell and Tissue Experts and Gene Editing experts – all at a variety of levels in newly created positions!

GSK has been helping millions of people do more, feel better and live longer for over 300 years. Our goal is to be one of the world’s most innovative companies, delivered by people who are proud to say they work in R&D at GSK. Can you see yourself getting onboard at the forefront of this technology revolution?

Are you passionate about helping patients, have the courage to take smart-risks, and have ambitions to develop and grow in a company where you will be supported?

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