Postdoctoral Researcher in Climate and Marine Ecosystem Modeling

Gulf of Maine Research Institute
Portland, Maine (US)
GMRI will offer a competitive salary with benefits.
March 21 2019
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Postdoctoral Researcher in Climate and Marine Ecosystem Modeling

The Gulf of Maine Research Institute (GMRI) is seeking applicants for a 2.5-year postdoctoral position to develop novel models to understand the response of plankton and marine fish communities to warming. The postdoc will work under the supervision of Dr. Andrew Pershing and collaborate with a team of scientists at GMRI and Stony Brook University.

The northwest Atlantic, including the Gulf of Maine and mid-Atlantic Bight, is one the fastest warming ocean regions in the world. This project will compare changes in the plankton and fish community across decades to isolate the direct influence of temperature from indirect effects acting through stratification. The project will use both food web and size-spectrum modeling to test hypotheses about the drivers of change at the individual, species, and community levels.

The scope of work for the GMRI postdoc will include:

  • Implementing a size-spectrum model and parameterizing it for the Gulf of Maine and mid-Atlantic Bight
  • Adding functional traits that determine growth, reproduction, and mortality
  • Testing hypotheses about how zooplankton and fish communities respond to warming
  • Collaborating with a diverse team to synthesize findings across the project
  • Collaborating with educational specialists to develop curricula to teach modeling to middle school and high school students

Required Qualifications:

  • A completed (or nearly-completed) PhD degree in a relevant discipline such as biological oceanography or theoretical ecology
  • Knowledge of climate change and marine ecology
  • Strong computational and mathematical skills
  • Strong written and oral communication skills, as evidenced through publications in the peer-reviewed scientific literature and presentations to a variety of audiences

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