Principal Scientist Jobs at National Infrastructure of Translational Medicine

Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Shanghai (CN)
Salary Negotiable
March 21 2019
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The National Infrastructure of Translational Medicine (NITM) is identified as one of the country’s major scientific and technological program by the 12th Five-Year Plan. NITM focuses on the translational study of three major diseases including oncology, metabolic disorders, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. The goal leads to the frontier for testing effectiveness of medicines, reagents and materials, as well as the inversion and application of key technologies for large-scale and high-end medical equipment. The construction of NITM started in September 2016 and was completed by August 2018, which lay the foundation for constructing the National Center of Translational Medicine (NCTM). As a national research institution on translational medicine, NCTM is jointly managed by the Ministry of Education and Shanghai Government. With Shanghai Jiao Tong University acting as the core body, NCTM successfully integrates the biomedical strengths of institutions, universities and enterprises located in Shanghai. It strives to form a higher-level research of translational medicine that is interdisciplinary, innovative, and relevant to international influence.

NCTM is located at Shanghai Jiao Tong University (Minhang district) with a total construction area of 60,000 square meters and was officially put into use in September 2018. It is dedicated to scientific research and technological development of key common technologies and treatments in fields like innovative medicines, medical materials, biomedical manufacturing and biomedical information. Giving full play to the leading and radiating role of China’s macro scientific facilities, NCTM aims to provide for translational medicine an open platform with its resources shared, efficiency enhanced and customers satisfied. With the target of building an internationally advanced macro scientific device, it intends to improve the core competitiveness of China’s “Wise Medical” by innovating the institutional mechanism and management mode of macro scientific facilities, therefore to accelerate the two-way transformation between basic and clinical medicines. Meanwhile, NCTM hopes to produce a batch of recognizable achievements in the field of translational medicine, and finally establish the first national-level translational medicine research base with a global perspective, so as to function as a demonstration and leading role of domestic translational medicine research.


NCTM insists on cultivating talents from scientific research. With advanced technology and devices, high-level talents, interdisciplinary nature, complete information, extensive domestic and overseas contacts and abundant clinical resources, it devotes to creating opportunities for outstanding talents to develop and innovate their research, in order to further amplify the strategic reserve of talents in China’s clinical research. For promoting the integration of basic and clinical medicines, making full use of the comprehensive disciplines of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and timely transforming the latest research results of biomedicine into hygienic and practical technology, we are now openly recruiting principal scientists worldwide, and warmly welcome scholars at home and abroad to apply for or recommend suitable candidates.


Candidates should:

  1. Be high-end talents with distinguished record of internationally-recognized scholarship and international prestige in the field of or fields relating to life sciences and be capable of promoting NCTM’s overall research level and enhancing its core competitiveness and international influence;
  2. Conduct original research and key technological research in the field of or fields relating to life sciences and be capable of obtaining important scholastic achievements or making outstanding contributions to the projects serving major national strategies;
  3. Demonstrate competence in leading NCTM to reach or maintain international advanced research level in frontier research fields, play key roles in leading the research team to reach and overtake international advanced research level, and make tremendous contributions to building disciplines.


NCTM offers internationally competitive salary, research start-up fees, housing subsidies and a variety of benefits.

Application Materials

  1. Resume (including educational background and work experience);
  2. Working Plan;
  3. Other relevant attachments of academic achievements;
  4. At least three letters of recommendation (delivered directly by the referee).

Please send the above materials to