Call for Applications for Associate Director Position at the "Center for Climate Physics" of the Ins

Institute of Basic Science
IBS Center for Climate Physics 11th fl, room 1107, Tonghapgigyegwan Bldg. Busandaehak-ro 63beon-gil
March 14 2019
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IBS invites applications for a position of Associate Director at the senior investigator level with a high research potential, who will run a high impact research program in collaboration with the director at the Center for Climate Physics (Director: Axel Timmermann).

1. Introduction of the research center

- Over the past century increasing anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions have become the main driver for global climate change. In response to the corresponding increased downward infrared radiation, the earth’s surface warms, Arctic sea-ice retreats, ocean currents change, sea level rises, climate and weather patterns shift. The absorption of anthropogenic CO2 by the ocean has affected ocean chemistry, leading to ocean acidification and fish-hypercapnia. To cope and adapt to the resulting environmental and ecological changes, humanity needs robust estimates of both, forced climate change and internally generated variability on global and regional scales. Many decisions on adaption and mitigation need to be made over the next few decades to limit climate damage costs and prevent long-term irreversible loss of coastlines, human livelihoods and ecosystems. Making such decisions has proven difficult due to the prevailing uncertainties in our physical understanding of the climate system. Some of the most persistent uncertainties are related to the overall sensitivity of our earth system to greenhouse gas forcing, the character of ocean circulation changes, the nature of carbon cycle/climate feedbacks, potential ice-sheet thresholds and the magnitude of the projected global and regional sea-level rise. Addressing these scientific challenges requires a concerted multi-disciplinary effort.

- The goal of the IBS Center for Climate Physics (ICCP) is to improve the understanding of past, present and future global and regional climate processes and sensitivities, and to develop new research frontiers in earth system science by means of computer modeling, data assimilation and observational analysis. The ICCP searches for a scientific leader in the field of ocean dynamics and data analysis.

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2. Job description

- The Associate Director will play a key role in assisting the founding director of the ICCP in managing the institute and its multi-disciplinary activities. Applicants should be international leaders in the field of physical oceanography with an outstanding scholarly record, experience in managing research groups and programs, commitment to multi-disciplinary research, a strong future vision for synergistic research activities at the ICCP and extraordinary communication and networking skills. The Associate Director will manage his/her own research group in physical oceanography using funds provided by the IBS.

3. Requirements for the position

- The candidate should have a Ph.D. in physical oceanography, earth science or related fields and be recognized as an international leader in the research field of ocean modeling, dynamics and an interest in marine biogeochemistry. The candidate is expected to develop a new research program to explore how the global ocean circulation, the marine carbon cycle and ecosystems respond to climate change. The research program should integrate well with ICCP’s ongoing research activities in earth system dynamics and computer modeling. The Associate Director candidate needs to demonstrate outstanding financial and staff management experience, organization and communication skills and must have the ability to work independently while integrating themselves effectively into ICCP’s multi-disciplinary work environment. All candidates are expected to commit themselves completely to IBS research activities.

4. Offer

- Authority to run his/her own research team within the ICCP
- Sizable independent research budget
- Tenured full professor position at Pusan National University

5. General Selection Procedure

① Recruitment of applicants by public advertisement
② Selection of candidates for in-depth evaluation
③ Symposium and in-depth interview by review panel
④ Decision by the SEC(Selection & Evaluation Committee) about recommendation
⑤ Negotiation with director
⑥ Appointment by the president

6. Application Submission

- Please fill out the 'Application Form' in English and email it as a single PDF file to no later than April 23, 2019.

- E-mail title should include 'Name of Applicant' and 'Name of the Research Center'

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