Hubei University International Talents Recruitment  

Beside the Yangtze River and Shahu Lake;

Roc soaring while talents assembly;

Jinchu style rich with talents growing;

Co-build the future upon our gathering.

For the purpose of facilitating discussion and carrying out interviews for applicants, The First Hubei University International Young Scholars Shahu Forum will be held at Hubei University, Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China.

Date: April 29-30, 2019

Address: Hubei University, Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China

Host: Hubei University

Forum information

I. Introduction

Hubei University is one of principle universities of “National Basic Ability Construction Project of Western and Central China” and of Hubei provincial“China’s Top-notch Universities Program” under the supervision of the Ministry of Education and the Hubei Provincial Government. The First Hubei University International Young Scholars Shahu Forum aims to provide platform to outstanding scholars from home and abroad for academic communication and exchanges focusing on the frontiers of global science and hot research fields, by gathering the youth and talents to exchange academic thoughts and promote crossing disciplines creation for mutual construction and development.

I I. Qualifications for Application

1. Qualified applicants should be under 40 years old. Applicants who National and provincial level talents should be in accordance with corresponding age requirements for different talents program. Excellent talents can be appropriate to relax the age restrictions.

2. Applicants should hold a doctoral degree from overseas well-known university or overseas university with world-class discipline, or hold a doctoral degree from China famous university and have minimum two years of scientific research in overseas well-know university, scientific research institutions or research and development institutions of internationally renowned firms.

3. Outstanding young talents at home and abroad with achievements in related fields or good potential for further development are welcome.

III. Related Fields of Disciplines

Chemistry, Material Science and Engineering, Life Sciences, Pharmaceutical Science, Physics, Electronics Science and Technology, Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science and Technology, Geography, Environmental Engineering, Philosophy, Chinese Language and Literature, History and Theory of Economics, Management, Science of Laws, Political Science, Marxist Theory, Education Science, Physical Education, Journalism and Communication, Foreign Language and Literature, Art Science, etc.

IV. Application Approach

1.Click the “Read the Original Text” and login the website platform for application before March 15, 2019.

2. Host will send invitation letter to all scholars invited before April 10, 2019.

3. All scholars invited are required to confirm if you can attend this forum by filling out the receipt within one week after receiving the invitation letter.

V. Travel Reimbursement and Accommodation

Food and accommodation will be provided during this forum, and the cost is borne by our University. Reimbursement for travel expenses will also be offered for all scholars (only economy class for flight, and first and second-class seats for high-speed train).

VI. Forum Agenda

April 28th, 2019  Registration

April 29th-30, 2019  Opening ceremony, invited speech and discussion  

VII. Contact Information

Human Resources Office: Liu Chenchen, Wang Junxian, Li Yiting

Phone: +86-027-88663285 ;+86-027-88663582


Address: Human Resources Office of Hubei University, No. 368 Youyi Avenue, Wuchang District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China

University Website:

Brief introduction to the school

Located in Hubei province traced back to spring and Autumn Era, which is generally known as Jinchu area, Hubei University has promoted education and cultivate talents by rooting in this river city. Beside the Shahu Lake and beautiful Fuqin Garden, Hubei University embraces changeable landscape of lakes and graceful school with many excellent teachers and outstanding students.  

Hubei University is a comprehensive university under the supervision of the Ministry of Education and the Hubei Provincial Government, and listed in the “National Basic Ability Construction Project of Western and Central China” and of Hubei provincial“China’s Top-notch Universities Program” as well. The disciplines cover 12 disciplines fields such as philosophy, economy, laws, literature, history, geography, science, engineering, agriculture, medicine and arts. The disciplines of material science and chemistry rank in the top 1% in ESI, and the material science becomes the first-rank discipline in US News, while the disciplines of materials science and engineering, and nano science and technology rank the world-class disciplines in ARWU. Hubei University has 18 multidisciplinary colleges covering 80 majors. It has been authorized to confer doctoral degree in 9 first-tier disciplines, 6 centers for post-doctoral studies, 27 first-tier disciplines to confer master degree and 16 master professional degrees. It has 1417 full-time teachers, 893 professors and associate professors, and a lot of national and provincial level talents.

Hubei University has 1 State Key Laboratory of Biocatalysis and Enzyme Engineering Co-founded by Hubei Province and the ministry, 1 Engineering Research Center for High-throughput Drug Screening Technology co-founded by State and Province, 1 base of Higher Education Subject Innovation Program(short for 111 program ), 1 National Innovative Talent Training Demonstration Base, 2 Key Laboratories of The Ministry of Education, 6 Hubei Provincial Key Laboratories, 2 Engineering Laboratories, 7 Engineering Technology Research Centers and 12 Provincial Key Research Bases of Humanities and Social Science. It is the leading organization of 3 Hubei Provincial “2011 Program” Collaborative Innovation Centers and participant organization of 1 State-level Collaborative Innovation Center and 3 Province-level Collaborative Innovation Centers.

Hubei University adheres to the school motto spirit of “Keeping thinking with persistent actions” with an education concept of constantly striving to deal with difficulties in development. Founded with profound traditional culture and rising comprehensive development, it persistently pursues the strategy of “Strengthening the Nation with Talent” by advocating learning, respecting talents to ensure that talents can get preferential support, preferential guarantee and development. At present, we have started a new round of talents support plan in order to provide optimal personal treatment, stable growth platform and sound career environment for talents. Hubei University sincerely invites the top talents from anywhere to come to our University for growth.

Hubei University is located at the core area of inner ring of Hubei University City, between the Yangtze River Bridge and the second Yangtze River Bridge. It is bordered by East Lake in the east, Yellow Crane Tower in the west, and adjacent to Yangtze River in the north and Shahu Lake in the south. The school has two river-crossing tunnels on both sides in Wuhan City. Line 7 of Metro can be direct to the station of Hubei University. The school is situated in busy area with Chuhe River, Han Street and Greenland Centre as Wuhan landmark building nearby. Shahu Park and Shahu Bridge is within reach. Wuhan University has affiliated schools from kindergarten to senior high school so that the worry about education for children can be shaken off.

Surrounded by white clouds and yellow crane, the Hubei University at new era adheres to Wuhan City spirit of “Striving for Excellence”. With an open and inclusive grace like “Long Yangtze River, Great Wuhan”, Hubei University warmly welcomes young scholars at home and abroad to apply for this forum and for information consulting. Any scholar, who can’t take part in this forum due to some causes, is sincerely welcomed to contact with us. We will invite you to visit our University at your proper time.