Fellow - PhD

Seattle Children's
Seattle, Washington State
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March 06 2019
Position Type
Full Time
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The malaria research lab of Professor Stefan Kappe at the Center for Global Infectious Disease Research at Seattle Children’s Research Institute is recruiting a Postdoctoral Scientist to research the genetic attenuation of malaria parasites for the purposes of vaccine design. The project aims to find novel ways using genetic engineering to attenuate liver stage progression of the Plasmodium falciparum life cycle. Parasites that arrest in the liver are potent immunogens and in both rodent malaria models and more recently in human clinical trials, immunization with genetically attenuated parasite vaccines can lead to protection from a wildtype infection.

The successful candidate will have a keen interest in working with Plasmodium as a parasite of global health importance, basic parasite biology and the translation of novel findings into approaches for intervention. Expertise in infectious disease models, cell biology, molecular biology or molecular genetics is important and previous research experience with Apicomplexan parasites is beneficial although not a requirement. The successful candidate is expected to (i) have strong written and verbal communication skills, (ii) establish clear goals and to organize and prioritize research, (iii) be willing and able to work with a diverse team of scientists, including postdocs, students and technicians.

Interested applicants must provide a cover letter detailing their scientific achievements and goals, explain their interest in working on malaria and provide a curriculum vitae.


Required Education/Experience:
- PhD in specialty area from an accredited university training program
- Experience using basic research techniques of specialty area

Required Credentials:

- Experience in protocol and manuscript development and in grant writing