Translational research in immunology and/or infectiology and/or oncology

University Lyon 1 France
Research Center Infectiology (CIRI) or Research Center Oncology (CRCL) in Lyon, France
Up to $40,000 + additional contracts from industry or hospital
February 13 2019
Position Type
Full Time
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Open position in translational / medical research in Immunology and/or  Infectiology and/or Oncology in Lyon (France)

The research and innovation community in immunology of Lyon (France) benefits from an exceptional multidisciplinary environment involving:

  • Upstream academic research teams and cutting edge technological facilities within two research centers supported by University Lyon 1, INSERM and CNRS :
    • the CIRI (Centre International de Recherche en Infectiologie,, also supported by ENS Lyon and located at the heart of the “Lyon Biodistrict”, which is composed of 22 teams working on fundamental projects in virology, bacteriology and immunology and on translational/clinical projects in infectious diseases
    • the CRCL (Centre de Recherche sur le Cancer de Lyon,, located close to a clinical center dedicated to oncology (Centre Leon Berard), which gathers 24 teams working on the signaling of tumor escape, the plasticity of tumor cells and the links between oncogenesis, immunity, viral infections and inflammation.
  • Hospices Civils de Lyon (HCL), the second largest University Hospital in France, which includes outstanding platforms for immunomonitoring and genetic analyses and a federation of clinical Immunology (LIFe). LIFe members have access to large cohorts of patients and biocollections, which are used to lead translational research projects aiming at accelerating the conversion of conceptual progresses into innovative diagnosis and therapeutic strategies. 
  • Several private research players : the technology research institute BIOASTER (, a rich cluster of SMEs supported by Lyon Biopole ( and larger industrial actors like Institut Merieux and Sanofi. 

In order to enrich its ecosystem, the research & innovation community of Lyon is proposing an industrial chair for a new group leader (mid- or senior-stage) with a high academic profile to set up projects relying on recent and broadly applicable technological breakthroughs, and/or with a strong translational component. Through the implementation of its technological/translational program, the laureate is expected to establish strong synergies with the local research teams (in particular from CIRI and/or CRCL), the clinical immunologists from the Hospices Civils de Lyon, and to strengthen bridges between the public and private research community.

A particular attention will be paid to applicants with strong technological and/or medical background and expertise in “single cell genomics” and/or “translational immunology”, a field that has led to several technological and medical breakthroughs with broad applications in cancer, infectious and inflammatory diseases.

A package of up to € 3,900,000 will be offered to the laureate to cover infrastructure, equipment, salaries and consumables for at least three years. Detailed modalities of allocation of this package to allow mid to long-term establishment of a research team will be discussed with the pre-selected candidates.

Letters of Intent (LoI) should include a 3-page curriculum vitae including a list of the most relevant publications (15 maximum), a 3-page description of main achievements, a 2-page description of the project (font : Arial 12). LoI should be sent to no later than April 15th, 2019.