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January 24 2019
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Bioinformatics Investigator Positions 

QBRI is inviting applications for open rank investigator positions for Scientist (Assistant Professor), Senior Scientist (Associate Professor), or Principal Investigator (Full Professor) in Bioinformatics. We are seeking experienced bioinformaticians with a solid background in data analysis and integration. The applicant must be highly motivated with strong experience in the analysis of omics datasets, focusing on next-generation DNA sequencing (NGS) platforms for standard Whole Exome, Whole Genome, RNA-seq, ChIP-Seq, ATAC-seq, single-cell RNA-seq (scRNA-seq), and Hi-C. 

The selected candidates are expected to work as experts in bioinformatics and provide support to research programs at QBRI. They will have the opportunity to contribute in an interdisciplinary manner to all of QBRI’s research centers; Diabetes Research Center, Cancer Research Center and Neurological Disorders Research Center. 

The position offers outstanding scientific resources and generous funding opportunities as well as ample opportunities for interaction and collaboration with national, regional and international universities, research institutes, clinical entities and organizations. 

Key Responsibilities: 

  • Provide bioinformatics support for data analysis, interpretation and presentation.
  • Utilize available software and pipelines to generate and analyze NGS datasets from DNA- and RNA-based experiments
  • Interpret OMIC dataset to identify the candidate genes and elucidate relevant biological pathways
  • Work closely with bioinformaticians and other scientists at QBRI to contribute to various research projects.
  • Assess requirements, develop software tools to facilitate data analysis and management.
  • Present ideas and results, including issues and possible solutions
  • Contribution to capacity building at the level of the Institute
  • Contribution to mentoring MSc. and Ph.D students


  • PhD in Bioinformatics or Computational Biology or a related discipline
  • Experience in data analysis for next-generation sequencing (NGS) experiments, e.g. whole exome or genome, RNA-seq, DNA methylation, and ChIP-seq
  • Experience in the use R/Bioconductor and databases such as MySQL
  • Experience in the use of a scripting language (ideally Python)
  • Working knowledge of GNU/Linux operating systems and high performance computing
  • Excellent communication and organizational skills and the ability to work independently and in a collegial environment.
  • In-depth knowledge of biology and biostatistics is highly desirable.