2019 International Forum of Excellent Young Talents in Engineering Sciences at Peking University

College of Engineering and College of Environmental Sciences and Engineering, Peking University
Beijing (CN)
Salary Negotiable
January 02 2019
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Full Time
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Job Openings at College of Engineering and College of Environmental Sciences and Engineering, Peking University

Beijing Innovation Center for Engineering Science and Advanced Technology, Peking University (BIC-ESAT, referred to as the Center after) is calling for applicants to the faculty positions at Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, and Full Professor levels in the broad areas of engineering science and environmental science. The Center was established based on two colleges at Peking University (College of Engineering, and College of Environmental Sciences and Engineering). Peking University is a prestigious University in China, whose research in Mechanics, Material Science and Engineering, Control Science and Engineering, Machinery and Aerospace and Manufacturing Engineering, as well as Environmental Science and Engineering are not only top-notch in China, but also world-known. In order to attract the first-class young talents to apply for the faculty positions in the above fields, the Center will host the International Forum of Excellent Young Talents in Engineering Science of Peking University from March 16 to 17, 2019.

We are especially interested in talented young scholars in the following research areas:

(1) College of Engineering: http://www.coe.pku.edu.cn/

Fluid Mechanics, Solid Mechanics, Engineering Mechanics, General Mechanics and Mechanics Basis, Mechanics System and Control, Biomechanics and Medical Engineering, Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Micro-nano Manufacturing, Robotics, Control Science and Engineering, Energy Technology, Resource Engineering, New Energy Materials and Devices, Nano-materials and Micro-nano Devices, Biological Medical Materials and Polymer Materials

(2) College of Environmental Science and Engineering:


Environmental Science, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Management, Environmental Health

Application materials: CV, title and key words of the seminar to BIC-ESAT@pku.edu.cn by February 18, 2019.

E-mail subject: Name + Research Area / Specific Direction + International Forum of Excellent Young Talents.

The Organization Committee of the Forum will send an invitation letter if the applicant is qualified by March 1, 2019.

The Center will cover the international travel expenses (economy class only, up to 12,000 RMB per person), as well as the hotel for invited scholars during the forum.

Qualification and Benefits for Applicants

1 Applicant Qualification

(a) Ph.D. degree, no more than 40 years old at the time of application.

(b) An official teaching or scientific research position in well-known overseas universities, scientific research institutions, or R&D institutions of well-known enterprises

(c) More than 36 months overseas working experiences. Requirements can be lowered for those who have obtained a Ph. D. abroad, achieved outstanding achievements or are talents urgently needed by China.

(d) Peer experts recognized research achievements, potential to become an academic or technological leader.

(d) Not working full-time in China at the time of application, or for no more than one year.

(e) Work full-time in Peking University after signing the contract.

2 Tenure-track System and Job Benefits

(1) Tenure-track System

(a) Standard tenure-track system composed of Assistant Professor, Associate Professor and Full Professor.

(b) Independent PI system.

(c) Academic standards and faculty appointment procedures of world-class universities, high level ethics and morality as the precondition.

(2) Benefits

(a) Salary System: internationally competitive salary for Tenure-Track PIs. The salary comes from three sources: a guaranteed basic annual salary provided by the University; Allowance from each department; Rewards depending on the research performance.

(b) Adequate start-up funds for scientific research: 1–3 million RMB of national funding for scientific research, and extra financial support from the schools.

(c) Extra benefits: House renting subsidy, or possible house program; high-quality medical service; high-quality education system for kids.

3 Application materials

(1) Recently-updated CV, including education background, work experiences, awards, current position, the list of supervised graduates (M.S. and Ph. D.)  and collaborative postdoctoral students, participation in various professional groups, organization of international and Chinese conferences, teaching, editorial board member of international and Chinese journals, monograph and journals compiled, lists of all publications and submitted manuscripts, invited speech in the past five years, research funding in the past five years, etc.

(2) Detailed teaching and research plan;

(3) Names, e-mail addresses and postal addresses of at least three referrals;

(4) Copies of three representative publications.