Call for Outstanding Scientists & Engineers

Advanced Innovation Center for Intelligent Robots and Systems

Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing, China

(Valid before Jan. 2020)


The Advanced Innovation Center for Intelligent Robots and Systems, Beijing Institute of Technology (BAICIRS) is recruiting outstanding scientists & engineers in areas including but not limited to:

  • Mechanism design for legged robots
  • Operating mechanism design
  • Hydromechatronics drive
  • Synthetic simulation system based on high-level architecture
  • Vision processing algorithms
  • Micro/nano device design
  • Laser imaging sensor design
  • EEG & EMG signal acquisition and processing
  • Electromagnetic field signal collection and improved algorithm
  • Neurophysiology of perception and motion control
  • Biomaterial preparation and development
  • Cell electrophysiological research
  • Soft robot dynamics
  • Prosthetic design and control
  • Pneumatic artificial muscle
  • EtherCAT communication
  • SLAM
  • MEMS device design
  • Software/hardware design for embedded system
  • Cerebral function imaging
  • Human health indicators collection and processing
  • Detection of mobile device inside human body cavities
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Cell communications and neural transmission
  • Tissue engineering
  • Three-dimensional dynamic simulation
  • Robotic appearance design
  • Animation design

Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT), founded in 1940, has always been a leading institution of science and technology in China. In 2016-2017, BIT was ranked among the Top 400 in QS World Universities Ranking, as well as the 15th among the Chinese universities in the above rankings. The fundamental research on engineering, material science, chemistry, physics, computer, mathematics and social science in BIT is among the top 1% in ESI ranking.

BAICIRS, as a secondary institute subordinated to BIT, was founded in August 2015 among the first batch of 13 advanced innovation centers accredited by Beijing Municipal Education Commission. Focusing on national major demands and the global research fronts in intelligent robots and systems, and with the objective to yield solutions for a series of major and frontier scientific issues, BAICIRS endeavors to make breakthroughs in theories and technologies of locomotion bionics, multiscale perception and manipulation, biomechatronic fusion and interaction, and system control and integration, through comprehensive and interdisciplinary integration of molecular bionics, bionic mechanics, multiscale perception and manipulation technologies, and multiple artificial intelligence technologies.

BAICIRS provides favorable research environment, including a spacious lab covering 8 different floors in one building in the modernized Science Park of BIT, with the floorage of 15,000 m2 in total, and advanced research equipment and facilities, furnishing a world-class environment for research activities.

BAICIRS invites applications for the following positions:

1.  Positions Supported by the National “Young Thousand Talents Program”


  • The applicants are required to hold a Ph.D. and have at least three years overseas research experience in world-class universities, research institutes, or top-ranking overseas companies. Applicants with overseas experience and who are now working in China for less than one year will also be considered.
  • Under the age of 40. Exceptional candidates who have made outstanding research discoveries will be considered as individual cases.


  • Professorship and Ph.D. supervisor, with special enrollment quotas for graduate students.
  • A subsidy of CNY 2-6 million for research funding and laboratory space provided by BIT.
  • Annual salary of CNY 420,000 (insurance and accumulation fund paid by BIT not included).
  • Opportunity of buying a new flat of one sitting room and two bedrooms with a discount of CNY 1 million compared to the market price or a subsidy of CNY 2 million. Assistance of housing during the transition period will be provided.
  • Assistance in placement of children and spouse for educational and job opportunities.
  • International travel expenses will be covered for the interview, with recommendations to other positions if not recruited.

2.  Tenure-Track Positions


  • The applicants are required to hold a Ph.D. and have more than 2 years’ experience at world-class universities or research institutions, under the age of 35 for associate professor and 32 for assistant professor.
  • The applicants are required to have expertise about the latest development in the research area with highly recognized research achievements, show potential for being future academic leaders to develop new research directions, and be supported by high-level papers as the first author or corresponding author.


  • Professorship/associate-professorship and supervisor of Ph.D./master’s degree students, with special enrollment quotas for graduate students.
  • Annual salary of CNY 300,000-360,000 (Insurance and accumulation fund paid by BIT not included).
  • Research start-up funds of CNY 400,000-600,000.
  • Assistance in the placement of children’s educational opportunities.

Application Instructions

Please send your resume, which includes a list of publications (necessary) and future research plan (preferable) to the following two emails:;

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