Postdoctoral Position: Autoimmunity and Microbiota

Tucson, Arizona
December 18 2018
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Full Time
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Position Description: 

A postdoctoral position funded by a new R01 is available in spring (or summer) 2019 in the Department of Immunobiology at the University of Arizona to study how gut commensal bacteria affect the development of autoimmune disease.

The Wu lab has a strong focus on both systemic and mucosal immunology. We aim to understand the immunomodulation and immunometabolic role of human pathobionts or mouse commensals in the development of gut-distal autoimmune diseases including autoimmune arthritis, skin, and lung pathology (e.g. inducible bronchus-associated lymphoid tissue/iBALT) by using murine arthritis models and human patients samples. Below are examples of our exciting projects that were recently published:

  • Immunity 2016, 44:875-888 “Gut Microbiota Drive Autoimmune Arthritis by Promoting Differentiation and Migration of Peyer's Patch T Follicular Helper Cells”


  • Cell Host & Microbe 2017, 22:697-704.e4. “Segmented filamentous bacteria provoke lung autoimmunity by inducing gut-lung axis Th17 Cells expressing dual TCRs”

Seeking a highly motivated recent (or soon to be) Ph.D. graduate with an immunology background. Experience with flow cytometry and mouse models is highly desired.

How to apply: Applicants should email a cover letter stating your qualifications, interests, and career goals, as well as a CV with the contact information of three references directly to

Dr. Hsin-Jung Joyce Wu,


Application Deadline:

  • Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.