PhD Position

Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg (DE)
E13 75% TV-L
December 18 2018
Research Training Group 2450
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Full Time
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PhD Studentship

The newly founded graduate school ‘Tailored Scale-Bridging Approaches to Computational Nanoscience’ (DFG RTG 2450) addresses the development and application of multi-scale approaches to the scientific challenges of friction, materials aging, material design and biological function. In detail, the specific projects will focus on the problems of friction between inorganic and biological materials, reactions on semiconductor surfaces, problems of electron and exciton migration in organic electronics, and biochemical reactions in proteins undergoing large structural changes. These problems involve a multitude of different length- and timescales, therefore, methods of ab initio quantum chemistry, force-field and coarse-grained approaches up to phenomenological approaches will be combined. These complex multi-scale frameworks will utilize work-flow engineering on high-performance computing architectures.

We are seeking 15 PhD researchers with strong backgrounds in physical/theoretical chemistry, computational physics/chemistry, computational materials science, applied mathematics or related areas. The PhD researchers will work in teams on one of the mentioned projects covering a variety of computational tools necessary to tackle the involved length- and timescales. The different methods will be combined in workflows, which will allow an integrated treatment of the complex phenomena. In addition, we are seeking one postdoctoral researcher with strong computational skills in the development of multiscale workflow engineering and its application to virtual materials development. We expect the ability and desire to work in interdisciplinary teams, combining the expertise of the different participating laboratories.

The graduate school and all of the PhD positions start on April 1, 2019. Visit for more information.

Applications should be directed via e-mail to including a cover letter, a full CV including the employment record and academic achievements, and reference letters. Candidates whose native language is not English should document their proficiency in written and spoken English.