Post Doctoral Fellow

Fort Collins, Colorado
December 03 2018
Position Type
Full Time
Organization Type
Job Type
PhD Fellowship

Colorado State University is a world class research institution that is seeking a Post-Doctoral Fellow to help facilitate the development of new groundbreaking research in HIV, SIV and other infectious diseases. This post-doc will independently and collaboratively conduct experiments in viral pathogenesis as well as participate in experiments involving the evolution of SIV into HIV using a humanized mouse model, with particular emphasis on multiplexed PCR amplicon generation, variant frequency analysis and advanced genetic read mapping, to determine cross-species viral adaptation. This will include performing assays such as whole genome next generation sequencing, bioinformatics and statistical analysis, flow cytometry, qRT-PCR, ddPCR, and various virology/immunology techniques. This represents a unique opportunity in molecular/translational virology research providing valuable experience for a future in either academia or industry.

Interested applicants must have experience in next generation sequencing from sample prep to data analysis, including knowledge of sequencing analysis and alignment softwares such as Geneious, Modeler, SNPGenie, Bowtie and R. See representative work: Schmitt K et al Virology, 2017; Charlins P et al Virology, 2017; Schmitt K et al J Med Primatol. 2018; Bennett M et al Viruses 12:3119, 2013; Schmitt and Akkina Front Immunol, 2018; Akkina R et al AIDS Res Hum Retroviruses 32:109, 2016.