Visiting Researcher (copy)

Minimum of JPY 6,500,000 per year, amount depends on experience
November 30 2018
Position Type
Full Time
Organization Type
Other Corporate
Job Type

Application Guidelines


Advanced Technology Research and Development Center,

Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd.



Please find qualifications as follows;

  • Must have a Ph.D. degree.
  • Sufficient Knowledge and research experience of polymeric materials, inorganic materials, functional composites (e.g. insulating materials, heat dissipation materials, adhesive materials) or nano materials are required.



The basic period of stay is one year, but can be extended for a maximum of two years.  If your hope and our needs are met by the end of term of a contract, we will hire you as a regular position after interviews by Hitachi Chemical Head Quarters.


Terms and Conditions

  • Visa support is provided
  • Type of position:   Visiting researcher
  • Salary: Minimum of JPY 6,500,000 per year, amount depends on experience
  • Benefits
    • Rent assistance or dormitory at economical rates
    • Commuting costs assistance
    • Health insurance (including dental and vision) and worker’s compensation
    • Travel expenses for moving in to/out from Japan (including those travel expenses for accompanying family members)


      Work Sites

      Tsukuba, Hitachi, Chikusei (Ibaraki-Prefecture), Matsudo (Chiba-Prefecture), or Fukaya (Saitama-Prefecture).


      Selection Process

      Application documents, interviews



      Your current resume, reprints of your publications, if any, and a recommendation letter (collectively “Application Documents”) should be sent to the Hitachi Chemical R&D center by both e-mail and postal mailing (please find the following addressee). After reviewing the Application Documents* and if there is a vacancy in an appropriate position for the applicant’s expertise, further reviews will be conducted by e-mail correspondence, telephone/teleconference or face-to-face interview.

       * We will not return your Application Documents regardless of the selection result. We will protect the privacy of all applicants’ personal information including the Application Documents, and will not use it except for the recruitment process.



      Advanced Technology R&D center, Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd.

      48 Wadai, Tsukuba-shi, Ibaraki 300-4247, Japan

      E-mail:,, and