Staff Scientist - Medical Oncology & Therapeutics Research -Salgia Lab

November 29 2018
Life Sciences
Position Type
Full Time
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Requesition 13679

Clinical Research Development Scientist

Job Title: Staff Scientist

November 2018

Position Summary

The Clinical Research Development Scientist position will be responsible for high quality scientific written scientific documents for funding applications and publications, including but not limited to writing and editing clinical trials, grant proposals, scientific manuscripts for peer review, white papers, and other scientific documents. This position is also expected to search for new funding opportunities and assist with updating reference materials. The Clinical Research Development Scientist will work closely with laboratory and clinical researchers to facilitate the development and enhancement of extramural grant proposals and peer-reviewed manuscripts. Also, interact with various clinicians and researchers to coordinate biospecimens and informatics. Develop systematic databases with members on campus.

Essential Functions

Develop In-depth Knowledge of Institutional Research Goals and Areas of Emphasis: Scientists are expected to become well-versed in the terminology, biology, and treatments associated with the PI with whom they work and the department that the PI is housed in. Scientists will attend institutional research forums (e.g., Argyros Faculty Research Forum, DMRI Faculty Forum), Disease Team meetings, and relevant retreats, seminars and conferences to gain a thorough familiarity with the ongoing research interests of the PI.

Project Design and Grant Writing: Scientists will consult with and advise the PI in the design and preparation of new projects for funding. They will help identify grant opportunities. They will review editorial and scientific/technical aspects, edit/write portions of the text, and frame the project as appropriate for the specific application. This includes assisting the Manager with planning and development of multi-project proposals as well as in integrating the science and ensuring logical connections among the multiple components.

Manuscript Writing and Public Access Compliance: Scientists will advise and assist the PI with interpretation and presentation of data for publication, and selection of appropriate journals for submission. They will review editorial and scientific/technical aspects and edit/write portions of the manuscript text. They will also ensure that the appropriate funding agencies and the City of Hope Comprehensive Cancer Center Support Grant are acknowledged, and that investigators are aware of the requirement that NIH-funded manuscripts be archived in PubMed Central.

Data Presentation: Scientists will work with the PI to assure the clarity and accuracy of data presented, as well as the interpretation of results. They will contribute to the aesthetic aspects of data presentation, including formatting of text (to required specifications) and refinement of clear, appealing data figures, graphics.

Other Activities: Scientists will assist the Manager with various projects involving scientific documents (e.g., annual/occasional reports on scientific activities within the institution, progress reports for grants, templates and standard institutional text for research proposals). Interact with various clinicians and researchers to develop biospecimens and informatics. Help in developing databases.

Minimum Education: A M.D. or Ph.D. degree in life or biomedical sciences, or a related discipline with demonstrated evidence of research experience and publications in Journals is required; or, a master's degree with at least three years of scientific writing experience in a healthcare/research/academic environment.

Preferred Education: M.D. and/or Ph.D.

Preferred Experience: NIH or DOD research grant writing (R01 level, not post-doctoral fellowships). Familiarity with data and statistical analysis techniques, graphing methods, and interpretation of laboratory and clinical data. Knowledge of medicine and medical related projects is preferred.

Skills: Excellent scientific writing, organizational and interpersonal skills are key.

Aptitude: Ability to work independently and as part of a team, meet deadlines, perform and prioritize multiple simultaneous tasks. Requires judgment that could affect the image of City of Hope.

Software: Proficiency in use of Microsoft Word, EndNote, Excel and Powerpoint. Prefer familiarity with Adobe Acrobat and Illustrator.

Working/Environmental Conditions: Subject to irregular hours and changing priorities; candidate must be able to handle stressful conditions while maintaining a high quality of workmanship and a professional demeanor.

Physical Demands: Potential eye, back, neck and wrist fatigue due to extended time on the computer

Communication: Strong written and verbal English is required. Must be able to communicate effectively with diverse audiences.

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