Xinyu University

Xinyu University
Xinyu, Jiangxi (CN)
Salary Negotiable
November 27 2018
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Full Time
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Located in Xinyu City, Jiangxi Province, China, Xinyu University is a public full-time undergraduate university occupying an area of 33 acres (or 2000 mu). On the 387,000 square meters building area, Xinyu University has built 162 campus experiments rooms, 163 stable external training bases, together with a large school library with 1.527 million volumes of books and 27 Chinese and foreign language databases in it. Xinyu University has had 13 secondary schools, 69 majors and specialists, covering seven categories including engineering, literature, science, medicine, education, management, and arts. Adhering to the school motto of “Seeking Creative, Practical, and Perfect”, Xinyu University vigorously promotes the socialist core values. Through actively establishing a series of campus culture of “Integrity, Inclusiveness, Nobility, and Harmony” and creating “Classic Nurturing”, “Square Culture at Weekends”, “Living Library”, and “One School, One Feature”, Xinyu University has achieved remarkable results in campus culture construction, for which the university was honored as the first ten civilized campuses of colleges and universities in Jiangxi Province in 2017.

Demand Specialty

Mechanical Engineering, Management Science and Engineering, Mechanics, Civil Engineering, Architecture,Computer Science and Technology,Mathematics,Philosophy, English language and literature , News communication, Drama and film and television, Applied economics, Business management, Statistics, Clinical medicine, Basic medicine, Pharmacology, Arts.

Remuneration and living treatment

Doctors from overseas universities:

1、House purchase subsidies: 400 thousand yuan; or provide a set of housing (blank room 120, after 6 years of work in school, property rights to their own all) and 200 thousand Yuan decoration subsidies; signing a contract the subsides will be given 50%, the remaining by the year;           

2、A one-time home settling fee: 150 thousand;           

3、Funding for scientific research start-up: 50 thousand yuan for liberal arts, 100 thousand yuan in Medical Sciences and 150 thousand yuan in engineering, 25% for scientific research related bills, and 15% by 15% votes per year.

4、Doctoral degree allowance: 1500 yuan / month during the service period. After the expiration of the service, refer to the stipulation of the degree stipulation introduced by the school at that time.

5、Doctors not obtained the title of the secondary high school:

After signing an agreement with the school, the candidates will be appointed as associate professor, and enjoys the basic and rewarding performance wages in the school according to the title of associate professor.

6、All doctors will be equipped with a doctoral workshop and a computer, spouses can be adjusted and arranged for work within the school. 

7、Doctors recruited also enjoy the treatment provided by Xinyu city: If doctors have worked for three years, the municipal government award a subsidy of 250 thousand yuan and living allowance of 2000 yuan / month (specific to the city documents), and can rent the city’s high level talent apartment for free for three years (live only carrying some necessities); if children are in the compulsory education stage, you own the right of school selection.

Contact Information

Contact: Liu Pingping          

Contact phone: 0790-6666026