Preferential Policies for High-level Talents in IMUT

Inner Mongolia University of Technology(IMUT)
Huhehaote, Inner Mongolia (CN)
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November 29 2018
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I. About the university

Located in Hohhot city, the capital city of Inner Mongolia, Inner Mongolia University of Technology(IMUT)was established in 1951.  In 1958, undergraduate students were first admitted in the university.  In 1986, the university received the approval of the State Council Academic Degrees Committee to grant master’s degrees and in 2003, it was approved to grant doctoral degrees. Occupying an area of 215 hectares (3,227 mu), the University consists of three campuses, namely, Xincheng campus, Jinchuan campus and Junggar campus. At present, there are 2,025 full-time faculty and staff (including 1,378 faculty members) in the university, more than 23,000 full-time undergraduates and more than 4,500 graduate students

Centering around the traditional engineering disciplines, Inner Mongolia University of Technology has now grown into a multidisciplinary university with distinct features of its own 67 years of development, offering undergraduate bachelor’s, postgraduate master’s and PhD programs in as diverse branches of learning as technology, sciences, social sciences and humanities, economics, management, law, education and art. At present, there are 22 colleges and 62 research institutes in the University. 1 post-doctoral station program, 3 first-level discipline   PhD programs, 1 second-level discipline PhD program (excluding the first-level discipline programs), 18 first-level discipline master programs, 10 second-level discipline master programs (excluding the first-level discipline programs) and 13 specialized master programs of engineering are offered at the University.  The University is also capable of conferring such professional master’s degrees as MBA, MEM, Master of Architecture, Master of Social Work, and MTI etc.  Altogether, 70 bachelor programs are offered at the University.

Aiming at the vision of developing IMUT into a first-class university in the ethnic minority regions widely known in China for its outstanding teaching and research accomplishments, IMUT strives to further improve its comprehensive education quality and the level of internationalization.  With a view to upgrade its core competence, and build up a qualified team of teaching faculties, the university offers a package of Talent Program for different talents on a global basis.   

II. Job vacancies

Jobs are available in such professional fields as sciences, technology, management, philosophy, economics, law, education and literature.  For more information, please contact the university.

III. Policies on talents’ employment and compensation (including short-term employment)

A. High-end Talents

High-end talents include academicians from Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, distinguished professor of National Chang Jiang Scholar Program, receivers of National Science Fund for Outstanding Young Scholar, candidates of National Young 1000 Talents Plan, and scholars working as professors in equivalent positions in famous universities or research institutes.

The talents, when employed, are offered the relocation fund within the range of CNY 1,000,000 Yuan to 5,000,000 Yuan and a starting research fund within the range of 1.5 million Yuan to 100 million Yuan.  The pay scale for talents choosing annual salary system is within the range of CNY 500,000 Yuan to 2,000,000 Yuan.

B. High-level Scholars from Renowned Universities or Institutes (including chair professor, leader of the academic discipline, top young talent)

The scholars, which include university professors, doctorate candidate supervisors, leaders of the key academic disciplines and receivers of the awards at the provincial and ministerial level are sought for potential employment and further training from IMUT and other renowned institutions for higher learning in China

The talents, when employed, are offered the relocation fund within the range of CNY 250,000 Yuan to 400,000 Yuan and a starting research fund within the range of 600,000 Yuan to 5,000,000 Yuan.  The pay scale for talents choosing annual salary system is within the range of CNY 200,000 Yuan to 600,000 Yuan.

C. Outstanding Scholars with PhD Degrees

Outstanding scholars with PhD degrees received from renowned Chinese and overseas universities are sought for potential employment.

The talents, when employed, are offered the relocation fund and starting research fund within the range of CNY 100,000 Yuan to 300,000 Yuan

D. In accordance with the talent awarding policies formulated by Inner Mongolia People’s Government, the talents and scholars mentioned above will also receive the research fund and award provided by the government.

E. On the basis of the above-mentioned policies, the policies for employing outstanding talents who are urgently needed by the university are negotiable.

IV. Contacting information

The potential candidates who are intersted in working in IMUT can visit for more information and the submission of the necessary materials.

Please visit for online registration.  

Telephone: 86-471-6575701