Research Associate/Instructor

Memphis, Tennessee
Base on Experience
November 26 2018
Position Type
Full Time
Organization Type

Under the direction of the Principal Investigator (PI), the Research Associate/Instructor will perform basic science research in the Department of Pharmacology in the College of Medicine. This position involves participation in a variety of research activities on the role of ion channel-coding cDNAs and the resulting expressed proteins (e.g., BK channel different subunits, RyR1-3, TRPV1), and their modification by physiologically relevant lipids and pharmacological agents.


  1. Conduct PCR, real-time PCR, construct vectors, DNA subcloning and in vitro transcription of recombinant DNA.
  2. Design point mutants and chimeric channel subunits to determine amino acid participation in ligand recognition.
  3. Conduct cell transfection, Western-blotting, immunohistochemistry, and other methods to identify protein expression.
  4. Conduct cDNA nuclear and cRNA cytoplasmic injections in frog oocytes.
  5. Conduct sucrose gradients, protein enrichment, and ion channel reconstitution into lipid bilayers.
  6. If needed, conduct simple experiments using robotic or lipid bilayer electrophysiology.
  7. Conduct protein-protein interaction studies using affinity chromatography or FRET.
  8. Supervise and keep maintenance of all devices and materials related to recombinant DNA work and other techniques mentioned above.
  9. Maintain detailed log book of experiments.
  10. Supervise work of students, fellows, and junior employees in the laboratory.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: PhD. in Biochemistry, Molecular Biology or related sciences; three (3) years experience in a biomedical research laboratory.  The candidate must have documented proficiency (publications) with recombinant DNA, in particular with mutagenesis and expression of long DNA sequences.