Postdoctoral Fellow in Cardiac Engineering and Disease Modeling

Boston, Kenmore Square
Salary commensurates with NIH guidelines.
November 13 2018
Position Type
Full Time
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The cardiac team in Dr. Christopher S. Chen’s Tissue Microfabrication Laboratory at the Biological Design Center at Boston University is seeking a talented postdoctoral fellow.

The group takes a multidisciplinary approach using principles in tissue engineering, genomics, synthetic biology, cardiac mechanobiology and stem cell biology to understand the fundamental mechanisms of cardiac disease and development. The laboratory has pioneered state-of-the art 3D engineered microtissue platforms to model cardiac disease using iPS cell derived cardiomyocytes. The goal of the lab is further develop these platforms to gain fundamental mechanistic insights in cardiac molecular and structural biology.

This is a unique setting where the fellow will not only play a critical role in driving independent projects but also be a part of a NSF funded Engineering Research Center ( where he/she will have the opportunity to interact with multiple laboratories with expertise in cardiac biology, bioengineers, materials scientists, and mechanical engineers. There will be clear opportunities for the fellow to develop leadership skills.


  • Develop innovative scientific approaches for cardiac disease modeling and dissecting mechanisms in cardiac mechanobiology
  • Lead efforts in taking a multidisciplinary approach in further developing engineered heart tissues
  • Foster a learning and team environment
  • Partake in writing fellowships and research papers


  • PhD Degree in biology, bioengineering, or related field.
  • Expertise in cardiac biology and stem cell culture
  • Strong publication record
  • Excellent communication and organizational skills

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