Join the International Young Scholars Forum of Guangxi University

About the Forum

The 1st International Young Scholars Forum of Guangxi University will be held on December 21st to 23rd, 2018, in Nanning, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China. Through academic reports and seminars on the forefront of science and hot research areas, the forum aims to build an academic platform for overseas young talents to exchange ideas and display achievements. It is hoped that through the forum, exchanges between young scholars will be enhanced and cooperation between different research areas can be strengthened. In the meantime, the forum will also serve as a perfect opportunity for young scholars to have a comprehensive knowledge of Guangxi University (GXU) and to consider the possibilities to work here. GXU sincerely invites young scholars to come!

Subject Areas

Subject areas include mathematics, physics, electronic science and technology, mechanical engineering, power engineering and engineering thermo physics, electrical engineering, control science and engineering, civil engineering, architecture, hydraulic engineering, chemical engineering and technology, chemistry, computer science and technology, software engineering, information and communication engineering, light industry technology and engineering, food science and engineering, materials science and engineering, mining engineering, environmental science and engineering, crop science, plant protection, forestry, horticulture, agricultural resources and environment, ecology, veterinary science, aquaculture, biology, bioengineering, Marxist theories, philosophy, law, Chinese language and literature, journalism and communication, drama and film studies, foreign languages and literature, industrial and business administration, applied economics, public administration, music and dance, fine arts, design, sports science, marine science, biomedical engineering, clinical medicine, basic medical science, pharmacy and other related fields or disciplines.

Who Should Attend

Young scholars who are: preferably no more than 40 years old; with a doctorate degree from a well-known overseas university, or a domestic doctorate degree with more than 3 years of overseas work experience; with academic vision and innovative thinking; with certain achievements in his/her field or great development potential, are all welcome!



  • Registration: December 21, 2018
  • Forum: December 22-23, 2018
  • Venue: Guangxi University


Transportation and Accommodation

Upon receiving the formal invitation, please book the air/train tickets first, and GXU will reimburse for the travel expenses to and from Nanning. Each overseas scholar will be reimbursed up to 13,000 RMB yuan (up to 8,000 RMB yuan to scholars in Asia).

Food and accommodation during the forum will be arranged and the cost is borne by GXU.

Sign up

Anyone interested in joining the forum please fill out the “Application Form for International Young Scholars Forum of Guangxi University” and send an email to Please also attach your resume and representative works or outstanding honors. The subject of the email should be “Name + Signing up for International Young Scholars Forum of Guangxi University”.

Contact Information

Ms. Hou Li, Human Resources Office of Guangxi University

Tel: +86-771-3232147


Annual Salary and Other Benefits

Please visit the official website of Guangxi University ( for detailed information of post requirements, annual salary and other benefits.

 A Brief Introduction to Guangxi University

Situated in the “Green City” of Nanning, Guangxi University is a picturesque and elite university in South China. GXU, co-constructed by the Ministry of Education and the Government of Guangxi, is a member of Project 211 (a project of National Key Universities and Colleges initiated by the Ministry of Education) as well as a beneficiary of the Double First-Class University Plan.

Pioneer in Higher Education in Guangxi and Cradle of Modern Talents

Founded in 1928, GXU is the first institution of higher education in Guangxi. Its first president is Dr. Ma Junwu, a famous educator and scientist in China. His reputation in education equals to Cai Yuanpei (then president of Peking University) because they two were dedicated to reforming the educational system at the time. Dr. Ma Junwu was praised as the “Grand Master” by Premier Zhou Enlai. GXU is a comprehensive university with the longest history, largest scale, most disciplines and strongest comprehensive strength in Guangxi. Over the past 90 years, GXU has cultivated more than 400,000 professionals and talents, including academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, government leaders at all levels, backbones and experts in all walks of life. Graduates of GXU have always been the main force in Guangxi’s local economic construction.

Varieties of Disciplines and Outstanding Comprehensive Advantages

GXU covers 11 disciplines including philosophy, economics, law, education, literature, sciences, engineering, agriculture, medicine, management and arts. Among them, civil engineering, applied economics and related disciplines belong to the national first-class discipline construction group. GXU now has 2 national key disciplines and 1 national (cultivation) discipline. Four disciplines in GXU, namely engineering, material science, agriculture, and botany and zoology have been listed successively among Top 1% on ESI rankings. Besides, there are 17 first-level doctoral programs, 40 first-level master's programs and 10 post-doctoral research stations in GXU.

Scientific Research Cluster and Solid Innovation Foundation

GXU boasts 1 national key laboratory, 1 national key laboratory base co-constructed by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Government of Guangxi, 1 national-level international science and technology cooperation base, 3 key laboratories and engineering research centers of the Ministry of Education, 1 Country and Regional Research Base of the Ministry of Education, 1 key laboratory of the State Forestry Administration, and more than 30 key laboratories, engineering technology research centers, agricultural breeding centers, collaborative innovation centers of Guangxi. Closely integrating major needs of the region, GXU deepens collaborative innovation with cities in Guangxi, government offices, and enterprises, to vigorously promote the integration of science and education, and provides strong scientific and technological support for local economic and social development.

Unique Geographical Climate and Superior Living Environment

Situated in southwest China and adjacent to southeast Asia, bordered on Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao on the east and Beibu Gulf on the south, Guangxi enjoys superior geographical location. Nanning, the capital city of Guangxi and where the school is located, belongs to the subtropical climate zone. The four seasons here are green with trees and fruits, and the city is surrounded by green mountains and flowing water. Nanning is known as “China’s Green City” as grass never withers in winter and flowers bloom all the year round. Besides, it also wins the “UN Habitat Scroll of Honor” and is entitled as the National Ecological Garden City.

GXU has gone through a difficult journey and looks forward to a brilliant future. Entering a stage of accelerating reform and development, GXU is eager than ever for outstanding scholars to join us, together to develop Guangxi’s science and education and to have a better future at the 100th anniversary of GXU!