Research Position (Various Levels), Neuroscience

Simons Foundation
New York City, New York (US)
Commensurate with Experience
October 18 2018
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Research Position (Various Levels), Neuroscience


The Neuroscience Group at the Flatiron Institute's Center for Computational Biology (CCB) seeks researchers with various levels of experience. Depending on levels of experience, positions may be at-will Research Scientists; or, term-appointment Flatiron Research Fellows or Associate Research Scientists.

The primary mission of the CCB is to create new computational frameworks that will enable scientists to analyze the large and complex data sets that are being generated by new experimental technologies. Tremendous opportunities for discovery are emerging in the biological and biomedical sciences, as well as in traditional physical and social sciences, but they will require the combined power of theory, data analysis, and simulation. In the biomedical sciences, for example, researchers are being confronted by an explosion of information from genome sequencing, gene expression profiling, proteomics, multi-electrode recording, and multiple high-resolution imaging modalities. The focus remains on problems arising in biophysical modeling, genomics, neuroscience, and structural biology, collaborating closely with experimental colleagues.

The goal of the Neuroscience group is to understand how the brain analyzes large and complex datasets streamed by sensory organs in order to aid efforts at building artificial neural systems and treating mental illness. The group does so by analyzing experimental data, assembling connectomes from high-throughput electron microscopy and determining neuronal dynamics from calcium imaging and multi-electrode recordings.

Researchers will develop algorithms for analyzing high-dimensional datasets of brain activity obtained experimentally, for example, via multi-neuronal calcium imaging. Specifically, work on neural dimensionality reduction (i.e., extracting a low-dimensional neural subspace that captures much of the observed variance) will be required. Researchers will explore methods for inferring synaptic connectivity from large-scale calcium imaging and will develop methods that scale favorably with the number of dimensions and avoid the trap of overfitting. Furthermore, researchers will work in collaboration with experimentalists and theorists on the interpretation of these datasets - in particular, the exploration of whether neuronal computation can be modeled by nonnegative matrix factorization.

This position will be based, and have a principle office or workspace, at the foundation.



  • Ph.D in related field


  • 1-2 years experience in a related field


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