Associate Director

The University of Minnesota Institute on the Environment is pleased to announce two new roles: The Associate Director for Knowledge Initiatives and the Associate Director for Leadership and Education. These are 50 percent appointments, each one responsible for championing a core capability of the Institute, as well as strengthening IonE as a whole. 

The AD for Leadership and Education will manage and coordinate IonE’s evolving education and leadership training initiatives – and will help the Institute build a coordinated, cohesive program in environmental education and leadership training. IonE’s current Leadership and Education programs serve undergraduate, graduate, and professional students as well as faculty, business leaders, and elected officials. This collection of established programs will grow and change over time to best achieve the Institute’s mission and vision. 

The AD for Knowledge Initiatives will direct efforts and build synergy across our broad research portfolio, as well as collaborate with faculty, community partners, UMN systemwide campuses, and the IonE management team to launch new research efforts. IonE seeks to increase the knowledge that is most needed to create a sustainable future; this knowledge crosses disciplines, has practical value, and is developed with practitioners in the broader world. IonE’s current knowledge portfolio contains a collection of established programs and investments that will grow and change over time to best achieve the Institute’s mission and vision. 

Each of these roles will be responsible for supervising and mentoring a staff of upwards of 10 FTEs, as well as building and directing the group’s overall budget. ADs will lead their group’s programs and people in a way that has the greatest possible impact, maximizes value to the IonE community, and attracts external funding and partnerships. ADs are expected to be active members of the IonE management team, co-creating and implementing IonE’s strategic vision. 

IonE is committed to creating and supporting a diverse and inclusive work environment. It is IonE’s mission to help people and planet prosper through just, equitable, and inclusive work across our community. As a part of IonE’s Management team, the AD will be responsible for considering diversity, equity, and inclusion within the programming they oversee and through the work processes they manage.

Please note that these are 50 percent appointments based in St. Paul, MN; benefits are available for personnel who hold a combination of appointments within the University of Minnesota that are at or above 75 percent. It is suggested, but not required, that the remaining effort will be filled with external grants or related activities that provide salary support. IonE can be flexible in making appointment accommodations – and those may be negotiated at the time of offer. These positions are expected to be held for 2–3 year increments (and could be extended), with an annually renewing contract and annual review with the Director. 


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