Post-docs: Discovering effective and safe gene editing therapies using DNA barcoded nanoparticles

Post-docs needed: Discovering effective and safe gene editing therapies using DNA barcoded nanoparticles

The Dahlman Lab ( at Georgia Tech and Emory Medical School is pioneering DNA barcoded nanoparticles. For the first time, we can evaluate how thousands of nanoparticles deliver nucleic acid drugs directly in mice (instead of evaluating them in cell culture). As an example, the heatmap below depicts ~2,000 in vivo drug delivery data points generated from a single experiment.

The lab started in 2016; we employ 8 full time scientists and 6 undergrad researchers. We are hiring multiple post-docs with backgrounds in (i) organic chemistry, (ii) medicinal chemistry, (iii) vascular biology, (iv) muscle biology, or (v) immunology. Chemists will synthesize novel polymer-, peptide-, or lipid-based compounds, and will evaluate how thousands of nanoparticles deliver DNA and RNA drugs directly in vivo. Biologists will lead in vivo studies, with the goal of rapidly studying biological pathways in vivo, and developing targeted gene therapies to treat disease.

We have access to clinical partners interested in translating our work. Post-docs will be trained to efficiently generate papers and patents. For example, a current Ph.D. student in the lab submitted 8 papers in their first 2 years.

This is a unique opportunity. First, you will be a member of a fun, diverse, and interdisciplinary group. Second, you will learn about nanoparticle DNA barcoding, which combines high throughput chemistry, nanoparticle characterization, RNA therapies, Cas9, and genomics. Third, you will be working in a cutting-edge field (therapeutic gene editing) developing clinically relevant technologies. Finally, the Georgia Tech and Emory Medical School Department of Biomedical Engineering is ranked #3 and #2 for undergraduate and graduate studies, respectively. It is located in Atlanta, which is a thriving city with major cultural, professional, and athletic institutions. This ‘city in a forest’ welcomes people with all kinds of personal backgrounds, and offers great food, music, breweries, hiking, biking, weather, and quality of life. A standard salary goes much farther in Atlanta than in other cities with major research institutions.

Email a CV to To be fully considered, contact us before November 11/15/18

Keywords: Cas9, CRISPR, barcode, DNA, nanoparticle, nanomedicine, chemistry, medicinal chemistry, vascular biology, muscle, immunology

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