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University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC)
Chengdu, Sichuan (CN)
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October 08 2018
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Renowned as the birthplace of China’s national electronic industry, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC for short) is situated in the beautiful city of Chengdu, which is the capital of Sichuan Province and popularly referred to as “the land of abundance”.  UESTC was founded in 1956. It is admitted into Project 211 (top 100) in 1997 and Project 985 (top 39) in 2001. It is selected as one of “Double First-class” universities (top 36) in 2017. According to 2018 U.S. News Best Global Universities Rankings, its engineering ranks No.97 and computer science ranks NO. 41. It has seven National Key Laboratories, one National Technology Research Center, three Innovation Group Supported by National Natural Science Foundation Committee (NSFC), seven Innovation Group Supported by the Ministry of Education, two National Joint International Research Center and one National Defense Science and Technology Innovation Group. It has developed into a key multidisciplinary research-oriented university with electronic science and technology being its nucleus and characterized by the harmonious integration of science, engineering, management, liberal arts and medicine.

UESTC attaches great importance to talents work, and has recruited and cultivated quite a number of outstanding scholars with high reputations in different research areas. Currently UESTC has up to 277 first-class talents, including 11 academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, 22 IEEE Fellows, 149 professors of the Thousand Talents Plan (80 among which are professors of the Recruitment Program for Young Professionals), and 40 Changjiang Scholars. The number of professors of the Thousand Talents Plan and the Recruitment Program for Young Professionals of UESTC ranks No.1 in the information field in China. It has issued the “Implementation Opinions of the Talent Priority Development Strategy of UESTC” in 2018 and identified the “Talent Priority Development” strategy as the first strategy for school development. With one billion yuan’s funds in the next five years, UESTC provides more than twenty projects or platforms to support scholars’ development. We have integrated high-quality service resources, and constructed a fully covered talent service network.


School of Medicine was jointly established by UESTC and Sichuan Provincial People’s Hospital in 2013. Sichuan Cancer Hospital & Institute joined the school as an affiliated hospital in 2016. Taking advantages of UESTC’s first-class disciplines and the affiliated hospitals’ clinical experience, the school strives to promote the combination of medical science and electronic information science, in order to cultivate highly qualified medical talents in the current society. Currently the school has over 200 faculty members including two professors of National Thousand Talents Plan of China, one top professor of Ten Thousand Talents Plan of China, and one winner of the National Youth Talent Support Plan of China. Over 50 percent of the teachers are awarded PhD degrees from abroad or have more than one year’s research experience overseas.

UESTC School of Medicine has three centers for teaching and research. The Teaching Center for Basic Medicine consists of series of teaching labs like human anatomy laboratory, morphological laboratory, ergology laboratory, laboratory for pathology and immunology, etc. The Research Center for Basic Medicine has three components—Research Center for Vision Function and Restoration, Research Center of Basic Medical Science, and Laboratory of Stem Cell Research and Cancer Therapy. There are cell culture room, biochemistry laboratory, pharmaceutical laboratory, and IVC small animal laboratory with sets of latest equipment. The Training Center for Clinic Medicine includes clinical skills laboratory, emergency laboratory and basic nursing laboratory, each covering subjects like diagnostics, surgery, internal medicine, obstetrics and gynaecology, pediatrics, etc., and it is equipped with remote teaching system, simulated clinical training system, and auxiliary teaching system.

UESTC School of Medicine possesses one PhD program (Biomedical Engineering), five master programs (Clinical Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Biomedical Engineering, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology), and two undergraduate programs (Clinical Medicine, and Nursing). The school has recruited students for years, including undergraduate students, graduate students and PhD candidates.   

UESTC School of Medicine has four provincial key laboratories, namely Sichuan Provincial Key Laboratory for Human Disease Gene Study, Organ Transplantation Translational Medicine Key Laboratory of Sichuan Province, Ultrasound in Cardiac Electrophysiology and Biomechanics Key Laboratory of Sichuan Province, and Personalized Drug Therapy Key Laboratory of Sichuan Province. It has attained great accomplishment in scientific research. It has undertaken numerous state scientific research projects such as the one supported by the Key Program of National Precision Medicine Research Fund. It has won multiple state awards like the Second Prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award.

Workshops or academic conferences are frequently held in the school. Lots of outstanding Chinese and foreign professors are invited speakers, namely the winner of Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, the Academy of Science in the Royal Society of Canada, the academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, the German expert in biomedical engineering, etc. The school has built a good collaborative relationships with many top foreign universities, including Harvard University, University of Glasgow, University of Birmingham, University of Pennsylvania, Eastern Virginia Medical School, University of Pécs, etc. It has developed many programs jointly with these universities in the aspects of educational project, research cooperation, students exchange, and staff training.

There are two hospitals affiliated to the school.

Sichuan Provincial People’s Hospital was founded in 1941 and is the major clinical service and research center of Sichuan Province. It has 6800 employees and 4265 licensed beds, as well as 6 national leading clinical specialties and 23 provincial leading clinical specialties. For more information, please visit:http://www.samsph.com/.

Sichuan Cancer Hospital & Institute was founded in 1988 and is the largest hospital specialized in cancer diagnose, treatment, prevention and research in southwest China. It has 1613 employees and 2050 licensed beds, as well as 9 provincial leading clinical specialties and 1 provincial key laboratory. For more information, please visit: http://www.sichuancancer.org/.


Recruitment Positions

I. Excellent young scholars: Young Thousand Talents, Young Top-notch Talents, Young Changjiang Scholars, Outstanding Young Talents, 100 Excellent Doctoral Dissertations or the Global Highly Cited Scientists (Clarivate)

IIGeneral faculty: full professor, associate professor or assistant professor

Recruitment Specialties

Disciplines of all medical fields including but not limited to Microbiology, Immunology, Genetics, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, and Pharmacology, etc., are opening for applications.

Recruitment Qualifications

Applicants for the excellent young scholars should be under 40 years old and in an official teaching or scientific research position of well-known universities, scientific research institutions or corporate research and development departments, and have worked overseas for over 36 months consecutively after getting doctoral degree (those who possessed a PhD degree from abroad with exceptional academic achievements may be exempt from the work experience requirement).

Applicants for the general faculty should have a doctoral degree (PhD or MD) and have worked overseas for 2 years. Once accepted, the applicant is expected to work full time in China. Applicants with exceptional academic achievement may be exempted from the above requirement.

Compensation & Benefit

UESTC offers strong benefits and supports for Young Thousand Talents or other excellent young scholars in terms of both working and living, including but not limit to a good annual salary of no less than 450,000 RMB with a dynamic increase and an appointment to a professor title and PhD student supervisor.

For the applicants for the general faculty, UESTC offers a generous employment package including salaries, relocation allowance and start-up funds. These qualified candidates of provincial or city talents programs can get more fund. Additional supports may be negotiated in accordance with the candidate’s actual needs.

Recruitment Process

1. Applicants submit relevant materials including a curriculum vitae, representative academic papers, recommendation letters, or other necessary stuff.

2. Selection Board of the school interviews qualified applicants.

3. Selection Board of UESTC interviews nominated candidates. 

4. UESTC signs working agreements with new employees.

The 6th UESTC International Forum for Young Scholars

The UESTC International Forum for Young Scholars aims at promoting communications, exchanges and cooperation among young scholars in various fields by gathering outstanding young scholars home and abroad in the Land of Abundance-Chengdu. The 6th UESTC International Forum for Young Scholars will start in November, 2018. UESTC School of Medicine will host the Sub-forum on Medicine & AI. Young Scholars are warmly welcomed.

Accommodation is free. The host will provide the reimbursement of travel expenses (highest RMB 10,000 yuan per person for overseas scholars, while 5,000 yuan for domestic scholars). The schedule of the forum is as follows:

Nov.21: Registration 

Nov.22: Main Forum, Tour in UESTC

Nov.23: Sub-forum on Medicine &AI, Academic Communication

Applicants can register on the website: http://scholarsforum.uestc.edu.cn/, or send your CV to tammypeng@uestc.edu.cn.


For questions, please contact Ms. Peng at +86-28-83203909, or email her at tammypeng@uestc.edu.cn

For more information, please visit our web page http://www.med.uestc.edu.cn/.

Add: School of Medicine, NO.4, Section2, North Jianshe Road,Chengdu, Sichuan, 610054, China