Jiangxi University of Science and Technology (JXUST) Ganzhou, China

JXUST First International Young Scholars' Forum 2018

Dec. 27-28, 2018

I. Profile of JXUST

Founded in 1958, Jiangxi University of Science and Technology (hereinafter shorted as JXUST) is jointly-sponsored by the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and Jiangxi Provincial Government. As one of the top-ranking universities in Jiangxi Province, JXUST offers a full range of undergraduate majors, plus master's and Ph.D. programs. It serves as an important base for the education and research of non-ferrous metallurgy industry in China. With an outstanding faculty trained globally, it is making great strides toward its goal of building a nationally first-class institution of higher education and cutting-edge research with broad societal impacts.

II. About Ganzhou City

Covering an area of 610 acres, JXUST has four campuses in the city of Ganzhou, generally known as Gannan due to its location in southern Jiangxi. With a population of over 9.75 million, it covers an area of over 39,400 square kilometers, accounting for approximately one fourth the size of Jiangxi Province. 

Ganzhou was established as a city 2200 years ago. There are a large number of historical and cultural relics. China's traditional culture of Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism all left important footprints in this fertile land.

Ganzhou boasts superior geographical location in that it borders three provinces from the East, South and West. It has always been an important commercial hub for the sound transportation infrastructures, linking central China to the neighboring southern coastal provinces. Currently, Ganzhou is vital to the transportation and commerce between inland and coastal regions. 

Three picturesque mountains paint the beautiful and charming landscape of Ganzhou. Being the source of three rivers, Ganzhou has a forest coverage of 76%.

Ganzhou is also reputed as the "World Tungsten Capital" and "Rare Earth Kingdom". It has 40% of the world’s tungsten reserves and the largest reserves of ionic rare earth in China. Tin, lead, zinc, fluorspar, limestone, salt and other mineral resources are abundant in Ganzhou. The city is strategically advantageous in developing mineral-processing and new material industry. Relying on its unique resources, Ganzhou is committed to building the largest industry base for tungsten and rare earth.

Ganzhou is the cradle of Hakkas, a sub-ethnic group of the Han nationality, and the birthplace of Hakka culture. It houses the largest population of Hakka people with their distinct culture and dialects. Ganzhou is the birthplace of the People's Republic of China, which was founded in 1949. It was the starting point of the Long March and the central region of the southern Red Army's three-year guerrilla warfare with KMT forces. It was also the Central Revolutionary Base for serving as the capital of the Chinese Soviet Republic

III. A quick introduction of the forum  

For the first time in its history, JXUST will host a program for younger scholars, defined as those scholars with no more than ten years of tenure-track faculty experience. This includes graduate students as well as post-doctoral fellows, lecturers and visiting affiliates who have yet to secure a continuing faculty appointment.

In addition to serving as a platform for discussion and thought, the forum is designed to promote collaborative intellectual and research activity among researchers from different institutions and from a range of disciplines in science and engineering. This forum will offer young scholars the opportunity to present their work to their peers and to distinguished scholars from around the world.

IV. Academic Disciplines  

Academic disciplines involved in this Forum are as follows:  Mining Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering, Material Science and Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Control Engineering, Information Technology, Computer Science and Engineering, Intelligent Manufacturing. New Material, New Energy, Economics, Management, Finance, Mathematics, Physic, Chemistry etc.

V. Qualifications for applicants

Applicants for this forum, who shall be under the age of 40, are expected to have the wish of joining the faculty of JXUST.  

In addition to having 2 years or more of post-doctoral research or work experience, applicants, who are expected to have a PhD degree in a relevant science and engineering field, must obey Chinese laws and have a proven track record of high-quality peer-reviewed academic publications. They are also encouraged to apply for the four national talents programs (“1000 Talents Program for Young Professionals”, “Young Top Talents of the National High-Level Talents Support Plan”, “Young Chang Jiang Scholars Program” and “The National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars”), sponsored by the Central Government of China through JXUST.

VI. Expenses Refund

The board and lodging expenses of the participants during the forum will be covered by the host. In addition, JXUST will finance participants’ travel subsidies, including round-trip international airfare (Economy class seat), and transportation expenses within Chinese territory.

The travel subsidy shall be no higher than RMB 15,000 per person for scholars from European and American area, no higher than RMB 7,000 per person for scholars from Asian-Pacific region and no higher than RMB 5,000 per person for scholars from China (including Hongkong, Macaw and Taiwan). In addition, JXUST will arrange free pick-up services in Ganzhou airport and railway station during the forum.

VII. Schedule Timeline

1. Application Deadline: Dec. 10th, 2018.

2. Invitation Period: Sep. 25th – Dec. 10th, 2018.

3. Registration Date: Dec. 26th, 2018.

4. Forum duration:  Dec. 27th - 28th, 2018.

Forum venue and airport (railway station) pick-up arrangement will be specified in the invitation letter.

VIII. Application Procedures

Fill in the Application Form online

(Website: http://zpjob.acabridge.cn/frm/forum/join?f_id=17), or download the Application Form, fill in and send it to below E-mail address.

IX. Contact Information

Contacts: Li Bing, Zha Yuxin

Tel: 0086-797-8312591

Mobile: 0086-15297767555, 0086-19979706787

Email: jxlgrczp@163.com, justrsc@vip.163.com

X. Salaries & Benefits

JXUST invites applications for tenure-track or tenured faculty positions at all ranks in all major science and engineering disciplines. Candidates with research interests in all related areas are encouraged to apply. There are extraordinary opportunities to develop major research and education programs with collaborations with other academic/industrial organizations nationwide and worldwide.

JXUST, in line with nationally first-class research universities, provides globally competitive compensation and benefit packages to the elite professionals.

1. Successful applicants of the four above-mentioned national talents programs

Candidates will be appointed to the faculty of JXUST at a level commensurate with each applicant’s background and experience. JXUST offers a generous salary and startup package, including:

(1) Position & Salary: the successful candidate will be appointed as Chair Professor, with an annual salary of RMB 600,000 to 800,000 Yuan.

(2) Research Funding: a start-up fund of no less than RMB 3 million for science and engineering disciplines, and RMB 0.5 million for disciplines of humanities and social sciences (national and provincial level research funding excluded); platform construction funding will be considered by evaluation on actual conditions and needs.

(3) Housing Subsidy: an on-campus transitional housing with an area of approximate 100m2 and a housing subsidy of RMB 1.5 million (governmental award or subsidy excluded) provided in the period of employment.

(4) Living subsidy for accompanying spouse: a job offer to the candidate’s spouse based on his/her qualifications, or a monthly allowance of RMB 2,000 for a duration of 6 years.

(5) Children’s school admittance: the children of successful applicants are entitled to choose quality primary and secondary schools in line with local policies.

(6) Other supporting benefits: In addition to sound scientific research conditions, JXUST will provide research assistants on the basis of the actual needs.

2. Overseas-educated PhD degree holders

For excellent PhDs with at least two-year overseas education background or with doctorate degree of prestigious overseas universities, the benefit packages include:

  1. Successful candidate will be appointed as associate professor and is entitled to corresponding salary and benefits, or appointed in accordance with tenure track system (no less than RMB 250,000 per year);
  2. a living allowance no less than RMB 250,000, and an on-campus transitional housing or a housing subsidy of no less than RMB 150,000 provided;
  3. a start-up research funding of RMB 200,000 for scholars of science and engineering disciplines and RMB 100,000 for scholars of humanities and social sciences;
  4. a Spouse's allowance of RMB 100,000 or a job offer based on a spouse's qualifications;
  5. assistance in children’s school enrolment; above benefits are negotiable for very outstanding applicants.

Above benefits are negotiable based on the qualifications of applicants. JXUST is committed to offer selected applicants with competitive salaries and benefits no lower than the standard of its kind in Jiangxi Province.