Tenure-track Research Assistant Professor position at Fujita Health University's ICMS

Japan (JP)
The salary and benefits are specified in FHU regulations.
September 28 2018
Position Type
Full Time
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Job information
The Division of Systems Medical Science, Institute for Comprehensive Medical Science (ICMS), Fujita Health University (FHU) is seeking to expand its faculty in the fields of neuroscience, particularly with respect to in vivo imaging of neuronal activity and neural decoding to seek for endo-phenotypes in mouse models of neuropsychiatric disorders, including schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and major depression. Expertise in molecular biology, in vivo physiology, optogenetics, behavioral neuroscience, and/or computational neuroscience is preferable.

[Job details]
Position affiliation:
Division of Systems Medical Science

[Available positions] 
One tenure-track Research Assistant Professor (“Jyokyo” in Japanese; non-PI position)
The research performances will be reviewed in the 3rd year. Upon favorable evaluation, she or he may be promoted to tenure Research Assistant Professor (non-PI position).

[Starting date]
Date of Appointment:
The successful candidate can take up the post four weeks after the endorsement of the appointment by the managing committee of FHU. The offer letter will be issued immediately after the appointment is endorsed.

[Information about the institution]
ICMS now constitutes five research laboratories of biomedical sciences. In 2015, ICMS was selected as the “Joint Usage/Research Center for Genes, Brain and Behavior” by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), Japan.
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Research field
Neuroscience: in vivo imaging of neuronal activity, neural decoding, animal model of neuropsychiatric disorders


(1) Ph.D. degree (or its equivalent)
(2) Research experience in the above-mentioned fields.


Salary and benefits
Appointment level will be commensurate with qualifications and experience. The salary and benefits are specified in FHU regulations. The salary is commensurate with the candidate’s academic and employment experience. FHU offers benefits including health insurance, various leave options, paid holidays, and welfare programs, among others, to eligible employees and their dependents.


Application period
2018/09/28 - 2018/11/28 (Japan Time).


Application/selection/notification of result/contact details

[Application method]
Submit the following information either in English or Japanese via Email: 

(1) Curriculum vitae (CV) in PDF or Word format, or URL for online CV/Resume (e.g. ORCID)  
I. Academic & Professional Experience
II. Education
III. Others

(2) List of research achievements in PDF or Word format, or URL for online bibliography (e.g. Scopus, Google Scholar Citations)
I. Original papers: Name of Authors, Title, Journal Name, Volume, Pages, Published year, and Number of citations
   (i) Peer-reviewed papers
   (ii) Non-peer-reviewed papers
   (iii) International Conference Proceedings 
   (iv) Others
II. Review papers: Name of Authors, Title, Journal Name, Volume, Pages, Published year 
III. Others 

(3) Three referee’s names, positions, affiliations, and contact information (e-mail address)

Note: Receipt email will be sent to the applicant within two business days. Please contact us if the receipt email is not delivered.


[Application deadline]
Completed applications must reach Fujita Health University by Nov. 28th, 2018 (Japan Time).

[Selection process]
Interview: Short-listed candidates may be invited for an interview held at ICMS or via a remote conference system, such as Skype or Zoom. 

[Contact details]
Yoko Kagami (Ms.), office administrator
Division of Systems Medical Science, Institute for Comprehensive Medical Science, Fujita Health University 1-98 Dengakugakubo Kutsukake-cho, Toyoake, 470-1101, Japan
Tel: +81-562-93-9376
E-mail: kagamiy[at]fujita-hu.ac.jp


Additional Information
FHU is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
All personal information is handled in strict confidentiality and is not utilized for any other purpose or disclosed to any third party.


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