Welcome to North University of China

North University of China
Shanxi (CN)
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September 27 2018
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Welcome to North University of China

1. About us

For details, please refer to: http://www.nuc.edu.cn

2. Beauty on the Campus

North University of China(NUC) is surrounded by mountains and waters, with beautiful scenery and four distinct seasons. The campus has few smog days and thus enjoys a reputation for “the blue sky of North University of China” in the whole province.

3. The Concept of Talent Introduction

(1) Improve the talent introduction system. For doctors, the “Implementation Measures for the Introduction of Doctors at North University of China” was carried out to introduce these talents according to the research background, subject category and academic level, providing outstanding doctors with a series of excellent treatments such as a research start-up fund of 500,000 yuan, a settling-in allowance of 400,000 yuan and an annual salary of 120,000 yuan.

For high-level talents, the “Implementation Measures of the ‘Taihang Scholars Program’ at North University of China” was introduced to provide a research start-up fund of 15 million yuan, a settling-in allowance of 6 million yuan, an annual salary of 2 million yuan and a set of house for academician-level talents, and successfully introduced Academician Li in July this year.  In addition, the university provides a very attractive annual salary of 1.2 million yuan for other top talents, as well as a research start-up fund of 10 million yuan, a settling-in allowance of 3 million yuan and a set of house. The specific treatments are available on the website.

(2) Broaden the channels for overseas talent introduction. In May of this year, the “First International Scholars Forum of North University of China”was successfully held, and more than 30 overseas scholars were invited. The university promised to provide overseas doctors with 600,000 yuan for scientific research, 500,000 yuan for settling in, a 60-square-meter house and other treatments. Finally, 17 people reached the agreements of working at NUC.

(3) Optimize the environment for talent growth. A green channel has been opened for the professional title evaluation, and thus excellent talents can participate in the evaluation of senior professional and technical positions. The university also helps the talents build platforms, organize teams, and promote cooperation. There is an affiliated hospital and an affiliated school in the university, as well as a sound research platform, teaching equipment, public service facilities and logistical support, which enable the faculty to keep their minds on work and free from worries.

Our university will continue to uphold the strategy of “ Talents Strengthen Schools ” and recruit talents as many as possible to create the bright future jointly.

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