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Eugene, Oregon (US)
Commensurate with experience plus benefits
September 18 2018
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The Grimes lab ( at the University of Oregon in Eugene is seeking an ambitious postdoc with experience in cell biology and/or developmental biology.


The Grimes Lab:

We aim to unravel the molecular, cellular, and developmental principles of how some features of vertebrate bodies (like limbs and the skeleton) develop with left-right symmetry, while others (like heart, liver and gut) develop with striking asymmetries.

These interests have led us into fascinating areas of biology including mechanosensation of fluid flows by sensory cilia, Polycystin signal transduction, the generation and sensation of fluid flows in the spine during growth, and L-R patterning of the embryo by secreted signals. We also model human diseases of aberrant (a)symmetry including heterotaxia, primary ciliary dyskinesia, congenital heart disease, and scoliosis.

We primarily use the zebrafish model system to address these fundamental issues in developmental biology. Our main techniques include genome editing, confocal and micro-computed tomography imaging, genetics and genomics, and single-cell sequencing.

Please see some of our recent manuscripts: Grimes et al., 2016, Science; Grimes et al., 2016, Plos Genetics; and Grimes and Burdine, 2017 Trends in Genetics. (A complete list can be found at


The position:

The successful candidate will undertake a project revolving around cilia biology in embryonic patterning or spinal growth/scoliosis. This presents an excellent opportunity for innovative science across molecular, cellular, and developmental biology using animal models.

The PI is committed to the mentorship and long-term success of all lab members.

We offer an exceptional training in zebrafish development and genetics. Zebrafish research was founded at the University of Oregon. As such, we share a large state-of-the-art aquarium with labs that use the zebrafish for diverse purposes. Successful candidates will join a dynamic scientific environment within the Institute of Molecular Biology at the University of Oregon.



Candidates must have (or be due to complete) a PhD in a relevant field as well as evidence of excellent scholarship. Confocal imaging experience is a bonus but is not required. Previous experience with zebrafish is not required. The position is fully funded, but candidates will be expected to apply for external funding opportunities.

Interested candidates should email Dr. Daniel Grimes ( Applicants should include a cover letter, CV, summary of previous research experience and recent publications. Three letters of reference should be available if requested. Informal inquiries and questions relating to the position should also be addressed to Dr. Daniel Grimes.


Daniel T. Grimes

Assistant Professor

Institute of Molecular Biology

Department of Biology

University of Oregon

Eugene, OR