2018 Weiyang International Forum for Distinguished Young Scholars with SUST

Shaanxi University of Science and Technology (SUST)
Xian, Shaanxi (CN)
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September 03 2018
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Shaanxi University of Science and Technology (SUST) is a multidisciplinary university specializing in science, technology and engineering. SUST is supported by National University Basic Ability Construction Project-Mid and West, and Shaanxi Province Advanced Level University Construction Project during the 12th Five-Year Plan. We invite overseas talents to 2018 SUST WEIYANG INTERNATIONAL FORUM for Distinguished Young Scholars.

I. About the Forum

As a parallel session of SRIF 2018, which focuses on the Belt and Road Initiative and ‘Four First-Rate’ higher education strategy of Shaanxi Province, SUST WEIYANG INTERNATIONAL FORUM has been aiming to deepen interactions between invited scholars and SUST in related research areas. SUST WEIYANG INTERNATIONAL FORUM consists of University Session and School Session. University Session will focus on advanced academic interaction and introductions of SUST development strategies, disciplines, faculty, research and postgraduate education. For School Session, scholars will visit preferred/optional schools to interact with SUST faculty and have a better understanding of working environment, current research, lab equipment, and available faculty positions.  

II. Previous Scholars Review

The past two forums have become a great starting with participation of nearly 100 distinguished young scholars from home and abroad in 2016 and 2017. More importantly, 6 young scholars have been awarded fellowship of Shaanxi Provincial Thousand Talents Plan, and one young scholar has become fellow of the Shaanxi Provincial Hundred talents Plan.

III. Involved Research Areas       

1. Bio-resources Chemical &Material Engineering

Research Area: Pulp and Paper Engineering, Leather Engineering, Packaging Engineering, Printing Engineering, Nonwoven Material and Engineering etc.

School of Light Industrial Science and Engineering

2. Materials Science & Engineering

Research Area: High Performance Silicate Engineering, Functional Film and Coating Materials, Electronic Function Materials and Devices, Functional Composite materials, Nano Energy and Environmental Materials, and other related fields.

School of Materials Science and Engineering.

3. Environmental Science & Engineering

Research Area: Industrial Pollution Control and Resource Utilization, Environmental Biotechnology, Air Pollution Control Technology, Environmental Friendly Chemicals and other related fields.

School of Environmental Science and Engineering.

4. Food & Biological Engineering

Research Area: Food Science and Engineering, Food Quality and Safety, Biological Engineering, Pharmacy and other related fields.

School of Food and Biological Engineering.

5. Chemistry & Chemical Engineering

Research Area: Chemical Engineering and Technology, Applied Chemistry, Polymer Materials and Engineering, and Petroleum Engineering and other related fields.

School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

6. Mechanical & Electrical Engineering

Research Area: Mechanical Design-manufacture and Automation, Mechanical and Electrical, Process Equipment and Control, Industrial Engineering, Logistics Engineering, Energy and Power Engineering and other related fields.

School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering.

7. Electrical & Information Engineering

Research Area: Electrical Engineering and Automation, Computer Science and Technology, Measurement& Control Technology and Instrument, Electronic Information Engineering, Electronic Information Science and Technology, Network Engineering, Internet of Things Engineering and other related fields.

School of Electrical and Information Engineering.

8. Economics & Management

Research Area: Economics, Management and other related fields

School of Economics & Management

9. Design & Arts

Research Area: Artistic, Design Science, Fine Arts and other related fields.

School of Design and Arts.

10. Mathematics, Physics, & English

Research Area: Applied Mathematics, Applied Physics, Information and Computing Science, English Advanced Translation and other related fields.

School of Arts and Sciences

11. Marxist Theory

Research Area: Basic Principle of Marxism, History of Marxism, Study on the Sinicization of Marxism, Ideological and Political Education, Study on the basic issues of China’s modern and contemporary history and other related fields.

School of Marxism

12. Pedagogy

Research Area: Principle of Pedagogy, Higher Pedagogy and other related fields.

School of Education

IV. Application Requirements

Applicants should:

1. own the PhD degrees, under the age of 40, usually with work experience no less than 2 years

2. have demonstrated remarkable academic achievements

3. have an innovative thinking and great potential of leadership in specific research area

4. have excellent academic and work ethics

V. Application Procedure

You are provided with two ways to apply:

Please email completed Application Form (see Appendix) and your CV (WORD/PDF format) to srif@sust.edu.cn, with subject heading‘SUST WEIYANG FORUM-Research Area-Full Name of Applicant’. The CV (in English or Mandarin) should include basic personal information, educational background and work experience, research interests, academic achievements (published and collected papers, research projects, patents and awards), and other necessary materials.

The application form collects the applicant’s relevant information, including: Name, Gender, Date of Birth, Email Address, Research Area, Current Affiliation (Country or Region required), Position, Contact Mobile Number and preferred and optional school in SUST for School Session.

You may visit to complete your application online.

Deadline for applicationSeptember 15th, 2018

Qualified applicants will receive official invitation letter to the forum via E-mail.

VI. SUST Support

Accommodation, meals and travel expenses will be covered by SUST, including shuttle bus from airport and train station.

VII. SUST Advance Faculty Positions

SUST advanced faculty positions are open to application with salary and welfare package shown in the supporting document (pretax). For more details please contact us for clarification.

VIII. Contact Us

Department of Human Resources, SUST
Contacts: Shaozhong Lv, Meiling Zhao
Tel: +86-29-86132873 +86-29-86168183
Email: srif@sust.edu.cn

Address:Weiyang University Zone, Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, China  

Post code: 710021

Appendix: http://sczl.sust.edu.cn/