Head of the Translational Research Laboratory of Oncopharmacology and Scientific Director

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August 29 2018
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Full Time
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The Antoine LACASSAGNE Cancer Center of Nice is seeking applications from outstanding candidates to head the Translational Research Laboratory of Oncopharmacology at the Cancer Center.

The successful candidate should have a M.D./Ph.D. or equivalent with more than 10 years of research experience in academia/industry as well as visionary leadership in a field related to cancer biology, immunotherapies and drug treatments in oncology. Candidates should currently be Principal Investigator or full Professor in an internationally renowned University or Research Institute.

As Head of the Translational Research Laboratory in Oncopharmacology of the CAL he/she should establish close interactions with the Clinical Departments of the CAL and the local Research Institutes of Nice.

The Head of the Translational Research Laboratory will benefit from the support of a biologist in charge of the Center’s clinical cancer biology activity. Some of these activities involve routine clinical chemistry/molecular analyses while others are aimed at developing clinical applications devoted to cancer treatment.

As member of the Management Board, he/she will be involved in defining and implementing the scientific policy of the Center and should represent the CAL in academic committees.


Head, Translational Research Laboratory of Oncopharmacology at the Antoine Lacassagne Cancer Center


MD-PhD, or PhD+Doctor of Pharmacy


  • Preclinical and clinical pharmacology of anti-cancer treatments
  • General pharmacokinetics
  • Tumor genomics
  • Pharmacogenetics
  • Competence to validate somatic genomics and constitutional genomics applied to cancer


> 10 years:

  • in academia/industry with translational medical oncologic interactions,
  • in an oncology biology laboratory, or
  • in a medical center with strong translational biological interactions


  • Experience in coordination of team work
  • Understanding of the specific medical characteristics of a healthcare institution specialized in oncology, to facilitate physician/scientific cooperation
  • Excellent communication skills (cross-disciplinary communication, participation in international meetings - AACR, ASCO, ESMO)
  • Efficient organization and strong expertise in pre-clinical and clinical trials as well as links with pharmaceutical companies
  • Project implementation as a scientific leader with peer‐reviewed publications in high impact journals
  • Outstanding track record of research and evidence of independent grant support
  • Participation in local and national training programs in the specialty and successful mentoring of doctoral and post‐doctoral students
  • Fluency in French and English


  • The research carried out by the Translational Research Laboratory Head will reinforce the partnerships developed between the CAL and local Research Institutes of the Université Côte d’Azur