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University of California, Berkeley, CA
Salary commensurate with experience, health insurance included.
August 28 2018
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Full Time
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POSTDOCTORAL Positions – Adipose Tissue Development and Lipid Metabolism 
Postdoctoral positions are open in the Sul Lab at the University of California, Berkeley.  
Highly-motivated and enthusiastic scientists who obtained the PhD recently with publications in reputable journals are encouraged to apply. Strong molecular cellular biology training is helpful.
Our research focus is on adipose development and lipid metabolism, including transcription factors and cofactors for brown adipose tissue development and thermogenesis, transcriptional regulation of lipid metabolism, regulation of adipogenesis by soluble factors, tracing/characterization of adipose precursors, regulation of enzymes in fat synthesis and lipolysis, and function of new lipid droplet proteins. 

Some of our recent publications are: 
Wang, Y., Wong, R. H., Tang, T., Hudak, C. S., Yang, D., Duncan, R. E., and Sul, H. S. Phosphorylation and recruitment of BAF60c in chromatin remodeling for lipogenesis in response to insulin. Molecular Cell 49, 283-297, 2013.
Hudak, C. S., Gulyaeva, O., Park, S.-M., Lee, L., Kang, C., and Sul, H. S. Pref-1 marks early mesenchymal precursors required for adipose tissue development and expansion. Cell Reports 8, 678-687, 2014.
Dempersmier, J., Sambeat, A, Gulyaeva, O., Paul, S. M., Hudak, C., Raposo, H., Kwan, H.-Y., Kang, C., Wong, R. H., and Sul, H. S. Cold-inducible Zfp516 promotes browning of white Fat and is required for brown fat development. Molecular Cell 57, 235-246, 2015.
Wang, Y., Viscarra, J. A., Kim, S.-J., and Sul, H. S. Transcriptional regulation of lipogenesis. Nat. Rev. Mol. Cell. Biol. 16, 678-689, 2015.
Sambeat, A., Gulyaeva, O., Dempersmier, J., Tharp, K., Stahl, A., Paul, S.M., and Sul, H.S. LSD1 interacts with Zfp516 to promote UCP1 transcription and Brown Fat Program. Cell Reports 15, 2536-2549 2016.
Kim, S.-J., Tang, T., Abbott, M., Viscarra, J. A., Wang, Y., and Sul, H. S. AMPK phosphorylates desnutrin/ATGL and HSL to regulate lipolysis and fatty acid oxidation within adipose tissue. Mol. Cell. Biol. 36, 1961-1976, 2016. 
Viscarra, J., Wang, Y., Kim, S.-J., Hong, I, and Sul, H. S. Transcriptional activation of de novo fatty acid synthesis by insulin requires MED17 phosphorylation by CK2. Science Signaling 10, 467, 2017. 
Sambeat, A., Gulyaeva, O., Dempersmier, J., and Sul, H. S. Epigenetic Regulation of Brown adipose tissue program and thermogenesis. Trends Endo. Met. 28, 19-31, 2017.

Please send cover letter indicating interest and research experience and CV with 3 names of reference to  

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