Editing Technology Developments in molecular biology and In Vitro Biology

Cropedit company. No.27, Life Science Park Road, Changping Dist. Beijing 102206 P.R. China
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August 09 2018
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Full Time
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About Cropedit

Cropedit Biotechnology Inc is a biotech company that focuses on the research and development of crop editing products and AI-assisted crop breeding technology. Our products include major crops, such as rice, cotton, and corn. Our long-term goal is to establish a leading position in the crop improvement market by innovative R&D and creation of long-term market value for both shareholders and employees.

Cooperation information

Major investor: Nutrichem Co (http://www.nutrichem.cn/)

Registration: 09-29-2016, Beijing, China

Editing Technology Developments in molecular biology and In Vitro Biology

Cropedit company is seeking multiple highly motivated, innovative, responsible scientists to join the Crop Editing (CE) Section. These individuals will play key roles in team management and delivery of research projects for the company.

The accountabilities are as follows:

  1. Vigorously design, plan, and implement genomic editing system optimizations related to molecular innovation or in vitro experiments to innovate, improve, and optimize key process to ensure high success rates and remove key bottlenecks. 
  2. Actively manage projects and skillfully interact with scientists throughout our company to ensure critical project milestones designed, monitored, and met.
  3. Professionally lead teams to establish novel editing systems via either molecular innovations and revolutions or elite crop line editing or unique delivery mechanisms to secure Cropedit’s FTO in the field of crop editing with proactive attitude to create novel intellectual properties.

Essential Knowledge & Experience:

  1. Deep knowledge on development and validation of novel editing systems for improvement of editing efficiency, frequency, flexibility, and precision.
  2. Strategic mind setting to prioritize and deliver projects to meet company goals timely and rapidly.
  3. General knowledge in crop improvements via genomic editing, transformation, molecular breeding, mutants screening.
  4. Broad knowledge on plant biotechnology, molecular biology, genetics, and hybrid seed production.


  1. PhD in molecular biology, genetics, and biotechnology plus post-doc working experience or multiple years of industrial experience in relevant field with proven records of success in the form of publications or patents.
  2. Highly motivated, result oriented and experienced in team management and people leadership.
  3. Direct experience in experimental design and execution to edit crops with unmet challenges in genomic editing technology and product development.
  4. Excellent scientific capability with strong innovation sense and experience in molecular biology or elite crop editing system development for genomic editing projects preferred.
  5. Flexible in handling and scientific planning project and consistently deliver in a rapidly changing environment.

Additional Information:

Domestic travel is required. Roles are based in Beijing, China. Multiple positions are open with flexibility to match new comers’ capability and company needs for those junior scientists with BS and MS degrees to assemble related editing teams faster.

Location: Cropedit company. No.27, Life Science Park Road, Changping Dist. Beijing 102206 P.R. China

Contact: HR@kejidalong.com

Website: www.cropedit.com 

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