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University of California, Davis Medical Center Campus
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August 06 2018
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Postdoctoral Position for Translational Cancer Research

Description: Postdoctoral positions are immediately available in the laboratory of Dr. Hongwu Chen, at UC Davis Medical Center and Cancer Center, Davis, California. Research in the Chen Laboratory focuses on 1) integration of epigenetics, metabolomics and genomics to identify key cancer drivers and their action mechanisms in breast and prostate cancers, and 2) development of novel therapeutics and treatment strategies to target the key drivers.  Our recent discovery of an orphan nuclear receptor as a novel cancer therapeutic target (J. Wang et al. 2016, Nature Medicine) unveils a new area of research to explore the receptor and its closely related members as highly effective therapeutic targets and their novel, underlying action mechanisms. The laboratory uses or will use innovative technologies such as ChIP-seq, Hi-C, single-cell seq and metabolomics, and integrate them with CRISPR-Cas9 and mouse modeling to address cutting-edge questions in cancer epigenetics, immunotherapy response and metastatic progression and to facilitate translation of our findings to the clinics.
We seek highly self-motivated individuals with strong background and publication record in cancer biology, therapeutics, integrative informatics or molecular biology, and with a passionate commitment to innovative research. Projects include identification and characterization of a network of orphan NRs in breast cancer pathogenesis via deregulation of circadian rhythm using mouse models, development of targeting strategies and novel therapeutic combinations including immunotherapy, and elucidation of key epigenetic events in driving the disease progression and as new therapeutic targets. UC Davis offers excellent postdoctoral training programs and highly interactive and collaborative scientific environment. Competitive salary and benefits are provided.

Application Information: Please send your current CV and cover letter to Dr. Hongwu Chen (, Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine.

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